The Easiest Ways to Transform Your Wrangler

The Easiest Ways to Transform Your Wrangler

The Customization Machine One of the coolest parts about owning a Jeep Wrangler has always been the ability to customize one, making your Wrangler unlike anything else on the road (or the trail… or the beach… or the mountain. Because, you know, Wrangler). Whether you’re looking for lift kits, unstoppable wheel/tire combos, interior flourishes, or … Read moreThe Easiest Ways to Transform Your Wrangler

Make Insurance Cheaper

Make Insurance Cheaper

The cost to insure your vehicle hasn’t gone down, in fact, it’s probably gone up over the past few years. With cars having more electronics and systems that cost a lot for repairs, insurance rates have increased. In order to keep the cost of your insurance as low as possible, you need to be a … Read moreMake Insurance Cheaper

Best Off-Road Vehicles for Trailblazing in Moab

Best Off-Road Vehicles for Trailblazing in Moab

Trail Tough Vehicles

Heading to Moab for a trailblazing adventure? Then you’ll want to make sure you take or rent the right vehicle for the trails. Fortunately, you have a few options, so you can have the best time in Moab.

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Nothing Lasts Forever


Engineering and development of various aspects of vehicle engines has advanced over time to give us more of what we want on the road. That also means many have gone away.
With the increase in power we can find from smaller engines there are several engines that we admired in the past that are no longer built. Let’s take a moment to admire these engines and remember what they offered us for the vehicle we drove in the past.

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A Massive Trend in the Automotive Market


It wasn’t too long ago that electric cars were only offered as underpowered and tiny vehicles that required a massive amount of compromise on your part in order to drive a vehicle that could be plugged in.
Once Tesla arrived on the scene and EV models began to develop into powerful and sexy models we’ve seen other brands build EVs and begin to see the light of offering these models as ones everyone would want to drive. With that in mind, here are several vehicles that we hope will eventually become EVs for the drive we want to enjoy:

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The New Jeep Wrangler Continues to be a Mystery

02.24.17 - Jeep Wrangler

Typically if a new model is expected for the next model year at least a concept version is offered at the Detroit Auto Show but no such luck was the case regarding the new Jeep Wrangler. In fact the news is we might not see the production or concept models until the fall of this year and the sales won’t begin until January, at least that’s a real possibility. Even so, we do have an idea of what this new version of the Wrangler will be for the future of the model lineup that we’ll continue to love.

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Enthusiastic Normal Cars

03.31.16 - 2016 Nissan Juke

In a world where every car has a new class and it feels manufacturers are trying hard to have vehicles that can easily fit into a variety of categories I’m not sure what a normal car is anymore. If we define a normal car as one that looks like it should be made for driving on the commute to and from work then we still have a large variety, but for the most part we all know what a normal car is. What we don’t know is that some of these cars are made to be exciting to drive and are capable of turning even the stodgiest of us into an enthusiast with a huge smile on our faces.

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Where is Jeep Going with the Wrangler? Everywhere.

Jeep Wrangler Sunriser

The Jeep Wrangler has been a steadfast design and build from Jeep that has yet to be duplicated by any other automaker.  This vehicle gives us the best way to enjoy an off road experience that can be exciting and active with the Wrangler.  The wheelbase, tall build and exceptional entry and exit angles are exactly what make the Wrangler one of the most adventurous and enticing vehicles ever found anywhere.  With that in mind there have been some interesting variations that have shown up in a lot of different places to make us wonder what is going on with this vehicle that has only had a few changes since WWII just to keep up with technology.

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