The 10 Greatest Vehicles to Wear the Chrysler Badge


The Chrysler Corporation goes back to 1925 when Waller Chrysler opened shop. It didn’t take long for Chrysler to build strong brand recognition that went on to be one of the Big Three U.S. automakers (GM, Ford, and Chrysler). In modern times, Chrysler is part of the Fiat brand, and both fall under the Stellantis North America umbrella. This over-arching brand sells vehicles by Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Chrysler, which explains why every Chrysler dealer typically has these other brands on site.

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What is a Certified Used Car?

Used Cars

You already know that used cars offer more value for your money since you aren’t paying for depreciation. But should you shop at a dealership or buy from a private seller? And what is the deal with certified used cars?

To help you make an informed choice about your next car purchase, we offer a short primer on certified pre-owned vehicles (a.k.a. CPOs). You’ll learn what they are, how they’re different from other used cars, and whether they’re a better deal.

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Chevrolet Electric Vehicles To Keep An Eye On


It seems that the future of the automobile market is going electric. Every major auto manufacturer is practically involved in an arms race to get more new EVs on the market. Chevrolet is taking a different approach. While this American automaker has some EVs available this year, it’s not rushing to the production line. In fact, Chevrolet appears to be letting other brands deal with the initial mistakes that come with venturing into a new project.

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The Top 5 American-Made Used Trucks for Sale This Year

Trucks Line-up

Finding the best truck for you can be difficult and costly. How do you find out what trucks are the best of the best, and how do you balance quality with a modest budget? By looking at used trucks for sale that have stood the test of time and come out on top!

Here are five great American-made used trucks for sale worth checking out.

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Top 3 Cars for Commuting in 2022

Commuting Cars

With more people getting vaccinated and fewer rules regarding COVID, more people are expecting to return to commuting to work or school this year. If you expect to be in the car more this year, it might be time to explore commuting cars to get the right ride for your drive.

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These Used Cars Will Cost More Than The New Models

These Used Cars Will Cost More Than The New Models

The last couple of years have been a whirlwind for the automotive market. Due to shutdowns, supply line delays, and essential parts shortages, new cars have been hard to come by. With an increased demand for used cars, pre-owned prices shot up. While there seems to be some hope that things will return to normal, there are still quite a few used cars that cost more than their brand new counterparts.

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The Electric Silverado 1500 is a Game Changer

Electric Silverado

The Chevy Silverado 1500 isn’t the first significant pickup truck to get an electric powertrain, but it’s definitely the most noticeable. Vehicles from Ford, GMC, Tesla, and Rivian helped pave the way for electric vehicles, but Chevrolet is going to seal the path.

While the Chevy Silverado 1500 EV won’t hit the market until 2024, we can already tell that it’s going to be a game-changer. Here’s what we know so far:

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Best Supercars Under 200k


Spending six figures on a car is nothing to sneeze at. If you want to drive one of the best supercars and stay under 200k, this is the list for you. The difference between the cars you see on this list and ones that cost quite a bit more is typically no more than a few horsepower, tenths of a second, or the name on the car. You can have the car you want to drive fast on the track, turn heads on the road, and proudly show off as a status symbol for under 200k. Let us show you how.

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