Longevity in the Vehicle You Drive (Part 2)

Honda Odyssey

Do you want your vehicle to last a long time? How many miles would you like to see on your odometer before you have to buy another vehicle?
If you drive an average number of miles every year, you could have a vehicle that lasts you more than 15 years when you take care of the maintenance and choose a model that’s rated to last for up to 200,000 miles. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many models that reach this mark, but this list is created to give you the vehicles that have the best chance of reaching this mark.

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The Lincoln Revival Has Begun

06.30.16 - 2017 Lincoln Continental

Whether you thought Lincoln was dead or just dormant the fact is this brand has been performing at a below average rate for nearly a decade. Ford hasn’t put much into the brand over several years but finally the recent changes are starting to pay off and Lincoln is once again headed in the right direction. This brand was once the most highly respected luxury brand made in America, but for several years it has become known as a brand for the older generations, which doesn’t illicit much of an active response form the Twitter generation at all.

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2016 Lincoln MKT: Space and Quality in the Ride

06.14.16 - 2016 Lincoln MKT

The Lincoln MKT offers a great shape and the right features for you to love the drive in an SUV that is a large premium crossover with space for up to seven passengers and a quiet and luxurious interior space. With the power of the MKT there is plenty of great ways for you to enjoy the ride in a vehicle that can leave the Acura MDX, Infiniti QX60 and Buick Enclave behind when it comes to the interior layout and excellent drive that you will get to love on the road.

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NAIA Brings the Heat

01.25.16 - 2016 Buick Avista Concept

The North American International Auto Show, also known as the Detroit Auto Show brings us a great menu of new cars for us to admire and desire. This show is the beginning each year of a full year of discussions when it comes to the concept models as much as for those that are deemed ready for production for the next model year. What we say this year in Detroit gave us a look at some cars that are ready to be enjoyed and some exceptional new looks that should show up with the technology we want to see and enjoy.

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2016 Lincoln MKZ: The Softer Side of Luxury

2016 Lincoln MKZ

Because so many luxury models are working to appeal to the more exciting drive and offer dynamic handling, outstanding power and a large menu full of impressive features, it’s hard to find a luxury car that is still built for the Sunday drive.  Lincoln saw the need to keep a segment of cars that can be for this particular use.  The MKZ is built on the same platform as the Ford Fusion.  This takes the platform and makes two cars that are both great for the purposes they are built for.  When it comes to the MKZ, its more laid back and softer on the ride in order to be a smooth player in the luxury sedan segment.

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How Much Should You Pay for a Crossover SUV?

2016 Acura RDX

Even though we all want to know we are getting a great deal, some vehicles are expensive just because a particular name is on them.  Normally when a higher brand has its name on a vehicle it’s for good reason, offering a great deal of awesome features to support the need to have a more expensive vehicle that drives better, rides quieter, gives you great off road capability or any of a variety of other reasons to have the price escalated.  Here are the most expensive crossover SUVs for 2016, as you will see, most of them are expensive for good reason.

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