The Adoption Process has Begun

04.06.16 - 2016 Scion FR-S

When we hear a story of an adoption from another country or from an orphanage we tend to feel a bit warmer in our hearts, with the hope and goodness that this story can offer. In this case, the orphans are the Scion models and the warm feeling is in the fact that Toyota has chosen to continue to develop and sell most of the vehicles that were part of the Scion lineup, rather than clearing out inventory and ending all Scion models in their tracks. The only orphan not to be given a home under the Toyota brand will be the tC, but the rest will come along to the parent brand.

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When it Seems like an Odd Marriage

03.19.16 - Aston Martin Cygnet

The world is full of oddities that we can witness. When you look at a couple and they don’t seem like a pair that you would expect to be together but it seems to work for them, you get the opportunity to witness an odd marriage. There have been many of these cases over the years in the automotive world for us to see and enjoy as some vehicles that have either been a great way to make a vehicle or have let us down in some form. Let’s check out a few and you can decide for yourself.

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A Look in Review at Scion

02.05.16 - Toyota C-HR Concept

With the recent announcement that Scion will no longer be its own brand after August of this year it seems fitting to take a look at what this brand has meant to us over the past thirteen years. Yes, Toyota has only allowed Scion to be around for thirteen years, but when the overall sales penetration for the entire brand is only 2.2 percent of the Toyota sales this brand has had its day in the sun and the remaining lineup will be absorbed into the Toyota lineup to add more fun and youthful style to the parent brand. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some highs and lows of Scion over the years.

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Another Show Stopper for Tokyo

2016 Scion Fr-s

Who knew the Mazda MX-5 Miata would create such a stir.  For over twenty-five years this car has prowled the planet and has been the symbol of fun offered by Mazda.  What the Miata has taught us thus far is that we don’t need massive horsepower to have fun.  What we do need is the right balance between horsepower and the curb weight of the vehicle in order to offer the right dynamics to be fun and agile. This synergy has finally made it way to Toyota and at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month there will be a new Toyota on the platform.

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Vehicles that Hold Their Value

2014 Subaru Impreza

On the average a vehicle will lose twelve percent of its value during the first year of ownership. Some cars lose more, others lose less and when you know you are going to trade the vehicle in that you have recently purchased the ability of your vehicle to hold its value is extremely important. Instead of being a statistic, this actually becomes a feature of the vehicle itself and makes it much more important for you to ensure you have a vehicle that will easily be resold for a good price and give you the most value overall. Here are ten vehicles that are well-known for holding their value and depreciate very little over the first year.

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