History of the Jeep: From Humble Beginnings a Legend is Born

Jeep was built on humble beginnings and slowly grew to be one of the most iconic automotive brands in the market. Propelling Jeep’s popularity was its no-nonsense sense of adventure. Rugged designs, innovative performance features, and dependable power have allowed Jeep to be one of the most sought-after vehicles for drivers who have a natural sense of adventure.

In the Fight For Freedom, a Jeep Is Born

Jeep first hit the automotive landscape in the 1940s and introduced to the world its 4×4 technology, power well ahead of its time. It quickly grew to be a leader in rugged vehicles and was even tailored to Army specifications for use in World War II after Willys-Overland Motor Co. received a contract to build the army vehicle in 1941. Its production for use in World War II helped solidify the automaker’s brand as being a dependable Army tough vehicle drivers can count on.


Imitation Is the Greatest Form of Flattery

From the front lines, Jeep’s Instantly recognizable style and its performance quickly prompted imitators around the globe. France’s Delahaye and Hotchkiss et Cie Automakers tried to replicate the body style of the early Jeep Wrangler. Back home, The Land Rover in the mid-1940s and Toyota’s BJ and FJ models in the early 1950s were all built from the Willys Jeep CJ model. Despite these copycats, Jeep maintained its hold around the globe as the go-to vehicle for drivers wanting that iconic power.

Jeep Goes Mainstream

By the 1950s, Jeep began to enter the recreational automotive space. This was also the decade the term “Jeep” became a registered trademark of Willys Overland Automotive Co. During this time, and Jeep touted itself as the world’s largest maker of four-wheel drive vehicles. Their growing lineup of recreational models, including the Jeep CJ-5, Jeep CJ-6, and early model Jeep FC-150 began to make a name for themselves for drivers who wanted a mix of performance, power, and of course, comfort.

Innovation Continues Alongside Consumer Demands

Throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s, Jeep continued to enhance its models to meet consumer demands. The 1960s saw the introduction of the Jeep Wagoneer, a fully-fledged family vehicle versatile enough for all of life’s demands. The 1970s touted the still-loved Jeep 4×4 soft top 2-door full-size Jeep Cherokee. The first model won countless awards and recognition and continues to be one of the most popular Jeeps drivers demand today. Models like the 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the iconic Wrangler all became models that would define Jeep’s legacy.


Jeep Delivers What Drivers Demand

At the turn of the century, Jeep continued to focus on its most popular models but heightened emphasis on comfort, luxury amenities, and of course, power. The Jeep Grand Cherokee became one of the most popular off-roading SUVs because of its performance and undeniable comfort. The model made history in 2016 after selling over 1.41 million units worldwide.

Experience a Jeep for Yourself at Your Local Jeep Dealer

Jeep remains one of the most popular American automakers because of its well-designed and innovative vehicles. You can experience the power of a Jeep for yourself by visiting your local Jeep dealership today. Get behind the wheel of a Wrangler, Gladiator, or Grand Cherokee and see why drivers have turned to Jeep throughout the decades.

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