2021 INFINITI QX80: Luxury Power in a Great SUV

2021 INFINITI QX80: Luxury Power in a Great SUV

If you want 400 horsepower and an SUV that feels like it can do everything, the INFINITI QX80 is an excellent choice.

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The Youthful Exuberance from INFINITI

The Youthful Exuberance from INFINITI

When you’re looking at the luxury compact sedans in the market today, the youngest in the class is the INFINITI Q50. This luxury sedan is one that can be considered a sporty model, a premium build, and a value offering in the market for you. This means you’ll have more power for the money you … Read moreThe Youthful Exuberance from INFINITI

The Infiniti QX50; Take My Money Now!

01.31.17 - Infiniti QX50 Concept

Midsized SUV are becoming more stylish and offer a ton of design elements that make them the perfect vehicles on the road for us to enjoy. Previously Infiniti had shown off the QX50 concept but that version was seriously just a concept form. Recently this SUV made its way to the stage at the Detroit Auto Show and it certainly took the breath away of anyone in attendance. Not only is this new concept one that appears to be close to production ready, its smartly built, perfectly styled and a vehicle that you simply wanted to take home right now to begin living life with it. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait to have this vehicle on the market, but we can certainly discuss what it has to offer.

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2017 Infiniti QX80: Big, Spacious and Amazing

12.19.16 - Infiniti QX80

When you blend the need for a large SUV with a brand that loves to show of the style and precision engineering that make up Infiniti you have something seriously special. That special vehicle is the QX80 which is and SUV that you can drive and know you should be an A-list celebrity for the way this SUV makes you feel. It’s large, luxurious and powerful to give you the ride you want and the impressive features you’ve been searching for in a vehicle that’s made to be the right one for you to drive and enjoy the class and beauty of the vehicle.

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When it Seems like an Odd Marriage

03.19.16 - Aston Martin Cygnet

The world is full of oddities that we can witness. When you look at a couple and they don’t seem like a pair that you would expect to be together but it seems to work for them, you get the opportunity to witness an odd marriage. There have been many of these cases over the years in the automotive world for us to see and enjoy as some vehicles that have either been a great way to make a vehicle or have let us down in some form. Let’s check out a few and you can decide for yourself.

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NAIA Brings the Heat

01.25.16 - 2016 Buick Avista Concept

The North American International Auto Show, also known as the Detroit Auto Show brings us a great menu of new cars for us to admire and desire. This show is the beginning each year of a full year of discussions when it comes to the concept models as much as for those that are deemed ready for production for the next model year. What we say this year in Detroit gave us a look at some cars that are ready to be enjoyed and some exceptional new looks that should show up with the technology we want to see and enjoy.

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When You Need a New Car

2016 Kia Cadenza

There is nothing wrong with appreciating an older model car and actually driving it until it won’t go anymore, but there comes a time when a new car can really make the difference.  If you have been driving the same car for the past ten, twenty or thirty years then you are missing out on all the amazing new technology and performance that you can enjoy in a new car.  With the 2016 model year nearly upon us, I offer you ten of the new cars you will see on dealer lots for this next model year.

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