These 10 Cars Offers Incredibly Unique Interiors

These 10 Cars Offers Incredibly Unique Interiors

If you think we’re going to show you a bunch of modified cabins to give you the most unique interiors in cars, you’d be wrong.

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Sporty Sedans that are Great to Drive Every Day

Sporty Sedans that are Great to Drive Every Day

Find the right one of the sporty sedans offered to fit your desires and test your skills on the roads that you drive every day.

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How do You Get to a Lower Price?

When a manufacturer creates a product the margins that are experienced are important. The margin is where all the bills get paid, the people get paid and the profits come from. In order to ensure the feasibility of this with products, studies are conducted to come up with the cost of production along with the price that item needs to be offered for sale. In order to lower a selling price or create higher margins for the items being produced, a manufacturer has to find a way to lower the cost of production.

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Do You Want a Fast SUV for a Lot of Fun?

Do You Want a Fast SUV for a Lot of Fun?

The SUV world has changed to the point that now we have more speed in this class and less utility, which means you should look at this list.

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Tesla Better Watch Out

Tesla Better Watch Out

For the past few years, the Tesla Model S has not only been one of the most impressive luxury machines on the road, it’s also made a mark as the fastest car to reach sixty mph. In the P100D format, this car has continuously left others behind, showing off what instant torque can do in a car that’s built to rocket across the line. Now, we may have a new participant in the realm that Tesla has dominated for the past few years and this car might be able to dethrone the Model S.

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Is Tesla Heading for More of the Same Trouble?

04.14.17 - Tesla Model 3

Tesla is one of the most Jekyll and Hyde companies in the automotive world. This company has boldly entered the world of production automotives with cars that don’t need a gasoline engine at all. This makes a Tesla vehicle one that helps to save the environment and is good for the planet. The Tesla Model S has been touted as one of the fastest cars on the market and with the new P100D with Ludicrous + mode this is a car that continues to improve and become a model that we admire.

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Taking the Tesla Model Even Farther

11.10.16 - Nashville Skyline

Several months ago Tesla unveiled the Summon feature for some of their vehicles and it seems this feature is about to be taken even farther. The Summon feature is one in which an owner can use a remote key fob and have the vehicle open the garage door, move itself into the driveway and be turned on with the climate controls running to give the owner the ability to enjoy heading out the front door to a warmed up or cooled down vehicle. This feature is so unique that another company is working to bring this along with other technologies to the Nashville area.

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The Tesla Announcement We’ve Been Waiting For

11.03.16 - Elon Musk

Recently Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased that a new update would be offered on October 17th and true to his word he has announced what this new item is. Those who have been waiting for the next part of the Model 3 to be shown are unfortunately disappointed, but they can’t be too upset considering this announcement gave us the information that will help keep Tesla at the head of the table when it comes to the integration of autonomous software for the future. The new is that ever car that will be built now and in the future will have the equipment necessary to offer fully autonomous driving.

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Death in a Tesla Causes Concern

07.12.16 - Tesla Model S

The first American death in a Tesla Model S while using the Autopilot system occurred recently and has many wondering if the system or the driver were at fault. The victim in the crash was Joshua D. Brown, a forty year old technology company owner from Canton, Ohio who loved his Model S enough to post videos of himself behind the wheel of the car with the car in Autopilot mode. His death occurred on May 7th in Willison, Florida when the camera system was unable to distinguish the white side of a turning tractor-trailer with the bright sky, failing to engage the brakes, causing Brown to collide with the trailer and become the first fatal victim of this system.

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The Race for Greatness

04.23.16 - Qantas Boeing 737-800

What is greatness? It seems we keep finding new ways to define what really is great and with the widespread reach of social media many terms are used to define what a finite number of people feel is great. Greatness on a grand scale is not limited to the positive either; when was the last time you heard the term “epic fail”? Most likely it showed up somewhere in your social media feeds just yesterday. As we try to define greatness on a variety of different scales from the good to the bad, something that truly can be considered great may be an item we discuss on a regular basis.

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