Least Expensive Cars to Maintain and Drive

Least Expensive Cars to Maintain and Drive

You need to maintain the vehicle you drive and the costs of doing this are part of ownership when you want to enjoy a car for a long time.

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Benefits of the Hyundai Extended Warranty

Hyundai Extended Warranty

Even though a new Hyundai model gives you the best warranty in the automotive industry, you’ll want to consider a Hyundai Extended Warranty.
Why should you add the extra coverage and expense? You should have the added benefits of the extended warranty to make sure your vehicle is covered for well beyond the factory warranty that you’ll quickly pass when you’re driving. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of this warranty.

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A Few Car Maintenance Tips You Should Know

A Few Car Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Even though you don’t perform your own car maintenance and repair as prescribed by the manufacturer’s schedule, you should know a few things about your vehicle and what needs to happen on a regular basis. What happens when you run out of some of the consumable fluids in your car? Do you know how to change a tire? Are you checking the pressure to make sure your tires are properly inflated? These are items that you should know along with a few others. Take a look at this list and the video to learn more about some of the items you need to understand.

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Mow an Impressive Way with Land Pride

Land Pride Tractors

Land Pride equipment lets you own every square inch of your lawn and property. Why just mow it when you can groom it to perfection?
The mower you use for your home might be different from the one that’s right for parks, schoolyards, and sports fields. When you see a sports field on TV and notice how perfectly manicured its mowed, you can have a similar look at home or provide it to clients who pay you to mow the grass for them. The right choice to help you make this happen is a Land Pride Grooming Mower which can cut the grass perfectly regardless of the terrain under the grass and give you the look you want.

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Your Chevy Could be More Connected for You


Think about the different conveniences that we have and can enjoy when we head out on the road now and you’ll realize the newest advancement made by Chevrolet is just the next step.
We’ve gone from a world with hand-cranked cash registers and cash only transactions to credit and debit cards that represent all of our available money. From there, we’ve begun to have more apps on our smartphones that help us pay with just a swipe on the screen at the location where we need to make a payment.

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How Much Used Car Can You Afford?

Used Cars

The amount you can spend for a used car will determine which one of the used cars you can choose to purchase.
The difficulty for you might be where you can go that you can trust the team in order to buy the right used car for you. When you choose a used car, there might be a variety of prices offered and finding the one you want that fits in your budget can be easier than you think. Once you’ve found your budget, start your search and figure out which used car is right for you.

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When You’re Vehicle Warranty Shopping

When you're vehicle warranty shopping

There are a variety of warranties offered in the automotive market and not every automaker has the same one on the vehicles you want to drive. If you’re looking for a new model to enjoy on the road, there’s a chance you could have three different types of warranties which start with the full warranty, the powertrain warranty, and the rust and emission coverage.

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Can the Semi Underride Guards Help You?

Can semiunderride guards help you?

Imagine you’re driving down the road and you see a car hit the side of a trailer being pulled by a semi-truck; is the driver going to survive the crash? That’s the question the IIHS has been presented with recently and with two extremely different versions of the same type of item that’s added to some trailers the goal was to learn if this item is built to help save lives or it’s an item that is meant for a completely different aspect of working for the trailer and not meant for safety at all.

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When Should I Change My Oil?

05.01.17 - Changing Car Oil

There is a lot of confusion around engine oil and when you drive a vehicle that doesn’t have an engine oil life indicator included it can be extremely confusing to try and understand how long your engine oil can last. As one of the fluids of your vehicle that you change on a regular basis, it’s important to fully understand what this part of your vehicle offers and why you need to change it and how often. The different types of oil offered today make it more difficult to understand when to change your engine oil.

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One of the Most Important Driving Decisions You Make

01.10.17 - Winter Tires

When you’re looking for the right items to have on your car for each season one of the biggest decisions you need to make that will make a huge difference in your driving and the performance of your vehicle is the tires you put on your ride. The tires you use can be one of three types, winter, all-season and summer which all have different features to make them right for different times of the year. If you invest the money in the right tires for your vehicle you’ll be able to drive and enjoy the ride the right way.

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