Best Supercars Under 200k


Spending six figures on a car is nothing to sneeze at. If you want to drive one of the best supercars and stay under 200k, this is the list for you. The difference between the cars you see on this list and ones that cost quite a bit more is typically no more than a few horsepower, tenths of a second, or the name on the car. You can have the car you want to drive fast on the track, turn heads on the road, and proudly show off as a status symbol for under 200k. Let us show you how.

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AWD in a Sports Car on the Horizon?

AWD in a Sports Car

When we think about the need for AWD the first thing that comes to mind is climate needs. Most of the time, this means you choose to have an SUV like the Dodge Journey for the drive. That means you get to have a great drive on the road and the driving capability needed. Often, we … Read moreAWD in a Sports Car on the Horizon?

I-Pace: A Jaguar That’s Undefined

I-Pace A Jaguar Thats Undefined

Definitions can be limiting. When you get labeled or defined as a specific type of person or with only certain qualities, in other people’s minds, you’re limited to those characteristics. Jaguar decided to build a vehicle that can’t be defined or labeled as one thing other than its name. The new I-Pace model is expected to be an SUV, but it can also be a hatchback and it can also be a wagon. What is this new Jaguar model? It’s amazing and perfect for many different drivers who want to have true versatility in their luxury vehicle.

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Jaguar is Bringing Big Power to Goodwood

Jaguar is Bringing Big Power to Goodwood

In an effort to have the vehicle that can easily compete with some of the highest performing luxury sports cars on the market Jaguar is bringing something special to the market and they will unleash it at the Goodwood Hill Climb which has become one of the most enjoyed and talked about events each year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.  This new car will be a low production model that we’re pretty sure will be asked for and desired by many as the next limited run car that we’re ready to have the driving excitement we want.

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Last Week had a Lot Going On

Last Week had a Lot Going On

If last week in the automotive world didn’t excite you, you can’t call yourself a true automotive enthusiast. There are many new models on the way, upgrades that we want to enjoy and some old names making the rounds back to becoming some of the most impressive and admired vehicles on the road. Because there was so much covered with the new items coming down the line, you can enjoy a wrap up of last week from the AutoGuide team and know that they have shared and we’ve discussed some of the amazing new developments.

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A Dramatic Presentation for a Wagon

11.29.16 - Jaguar XF Sportbrake

Imagine you spent the last week of September at the Paris Motor Show. If this was the case you would have been able to witness a fantastic offering of vehicles from a wide variety of models that were on display form all over the world. Manufacturers bring the best and most impressive models to these shows to let us see what they have to offer the market coming up or so that we can see what they’re working on. Because they typically want the journalists that attend the shows to give rave reviews they dress these vehicles up and polish them to a shine.

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A Crossover for the Drifters Out There

02.20.16 - 2017 Jaguar F-Pace

What is a drifter? If you are talking about a lifestyle you might be describing a self-proclaimed gypsy or someone who moves from town to town that never puts down roots. On the other hand if you are describing someone in the automotive world it would be those drivers who love to see a car slide and move against what it normally would be capable of. For most of us a vehicle that can drift isn’t all that important, but if you have good control of the car and know the capabilities drifting while driving can be a lot of fun.

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When You Need a New Car

2016 Kia Cadenza

There is nothing wrong with appreciating an older model car and actually driving it until it won’t go anymore, but there comes a time when a new car can really make the difference.  If you have been driving the same car for the past ten, twenty or thirty years then you are missing out on all the amazing new technology and performance that you can enjoy in a new car.  With the 2016 model year nearly upon us, I offer you ten of the new cars you will see on dealer lots for this next model year.

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