2016 Honda HR-V: A New SUV that is the Perfect Fit

2016 Honda HR-V Blue

What do you get when you blend a CR-V and Fit together? The answer is the HR-V which is the all new offering from Honda that is seated perfectly between the two taking some of the best features of each to give you a great new subcompact crossover SUV to enjoy. This segment may not be a well-known segment yet, but there are already several players in this class that are able to handle whatever comes their way. With the move from wagons to SUVs, having smaller offerings such as the Mazda CX-3, Jeep Renegade, Chevy Trax and Fiat 500X and now the Honda HR-V gives us a class that gives us what we desire.

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Vehicles that Hold Their Value

2014 Subaru Impreza

On the average a vehicle will lose twelve percent of its value during the first year of ownership. Some cars lose more, others lose less and when you know you are going to trade the vehicle in that you have recently purchased the ability of your vehicle to hold its value is extremely important. Instead of being a statistic, this actually becomes a feature of the vehicle itself and makes it much more important for you to ensure you have a vehicle that will easily be resold for a good price and give you the most value overall. Here are ten vehicles that are well-known for holding their value and depreciate very little over the first year.

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The 2016 Camaro is Mustang Hunting

2016 Camaro

Watching the Mustang be the pony car leader and nearly always having to respond to Ford with a model that many love but falls short has gotten deep in the craw of the Camaro design and engineering teams. So much so the new Camaro is built to hunt down and put many Mustangs to rest in a bold and brash manner that is only befitting true rivals in this class of sports cars. The sixth generation will showcase as car that brings in a build, look, design and power that is made to handle not only the Mustang, but also stand up to those pesky Hellcat twins over at Dodge.

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2016 Hyundai Elantra: The Best Kept Non-Secret

2016 Hyundai Elantra

It’s no secret the Elantra has been a top player in the compact sedan segment. The amazing sporty looks of the car and the ability for Hyundai to fill its cars with premium features even on the lower end models has gotten our attention for a while. What has not be discussed in the past, whether it’s due to the lack of longevity, or it simply hasn’t come up is the reliability of this car. The Elantra is showing resale figures that easily rival the Civic and Corolla, making it one of the more reliable cars on the road today.

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2016 Volvo XC90: Redesigned for Continued Success

2016 Volvo XC90

Volvo has a reputation for safety. When you see a Volvo vehicle from many years ago you see one that appears to be a square tank on wheels with all the increased safety features and protection but lacked any real design. The most recent lineups from Volvo offer a huge amount of style and design to give us looks that are exactly what we want to see in vehicles of this caliber. The new XC90 is a great example of the style ambition Volvo has brought forth and shows off with a complete rebuild from the ground up.

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New Jersey Makes it Illegal to Roll Coal

Roll Coal

Rolling Coal” is a term used for the added emissions that can be emitted from a diesel powered vehicle.  This process is achieved through retrofitting the vehicle, which typically costs between a few hundred and several thousand dollars.  The practice of “rolling coal” makes it possible for drivers to emit this black smoke on command, leaving drivers and pedestrians covered in a cloud of soot that is completely unnecessary.  For whatever reason these drivers get pleasure out of leaving others awash in their emissions, New Jersey has had enough and made it illegal.

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