Sedan – The Toyota Camry is Ready For The Road

Sedan - The Toyota Camry is Ready

If you’re looking for a car that you know you can depend on to take you where you want to go, the Toyota Camry has been the right choice for several decades. The newest version of the Camry sedan offers you the benefits of advanced driving and electronics to ensure you can take advantage of modern technology when you get behind the wheel. Let the reliability and quality of the Toyota Camry become the car that you want to drive and enjoy no matter where you need to go. This car continues to be ready to take you wherever you need to.

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Which Cars Will Last the Longest?

Toyota Camry

When you purchase a vehicle, you hope it will last you a long time and offer you a great drive for many, many miles down the road.
Most of the vehicles we see on the road will last more than 100,000 miles, but reaching that second roll of the odometer to 200,000 miles may seem like a stretch and a bit more than what you might be able to accomplish. If you choose any of the following models to drive, you’ll have a chance of reaching this mileage mark as long as you keep the vehicle maintained.

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And the Winner Is…

And the Winner Is

The team of experts got together and tested several different cars, as they do every year, to come up with the one model that would win the coveted 2018 Car of the Year Award.

This team put several cars through their paces on the track and on the road while checking out different qualities that each car brought to the contest to see which ones offered what we want for the drive that can be enjoyed. The team came up with a winner to give us the car that is new to the market and ready to drive.

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The Vehicles Loved by Thieves

08.10.16 - Car Thief

Just because you’re making payments on your vehicle or you bought it outright and have the ownership papers doesn’t mean you’re the only one who loves your car. Car theft has been around for several decades and thieves do tend to target specific vehicles over others when they look for a car to steal. Typically the agenda involves the ease of reselling the car quickly and the technology involved in being able to get into the vehicle. Let’s take a look at what the ten most popular vehicles for thieves to steal for 2015 were and see why.

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Comfort Doesn’t Have to Come at a High Price

05.21.16 - 2016 Chrysler 300

There is nothing more enjoyable to most of us than a comfortable ride in a car that is made to be comfortable. The challenge with comfort is most of the time this is thought of as something you can only have on a luxury car, but the reality is there are plenty of cars that offer the spacious comfort you want in a price range you can certainly enjoy. When it comes to comfort, don’t spend all your income to be in a luxury car, go ahead and enjoy the right space and seating in a car that you can buy for under $30,000.

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Toyota Camry: Most American Made Car

2015 Toyota Camry American Made

Every year puts out a report on which cars are the most “American” made vehicles in the US. Previously, the Ford-F150 held the title of Most American Vehicle, but this year there is an upset. The Toyota Camry claimed title to that name this year. The website puts out an annual American-Made index, which considers the percentage of domestic parts in a vehicle, final assembly place, and overall sales.

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