Your Chevy Could be More Connected for You


Think about the different conveniences that we have and can enjoy when we head out on the road now and you’ll realize the newest advancement made by Chevrolet is just the next step.
We’ve gone from a world with hand-cranked cash registers and cash only transactions to credit and debit cards that represent all of our available money. From there, we’ve begun to have more apps on our smartphones that help us pay with just a swipe on the screen at the location where we need to make a payment.

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Technology Improvements for the High Riders

01.11.17 - Bentley Bentayga

While many automakers put new tech in their sedan and coupes of the past, the fact that the SUV and truck segments of the market are so strong has led many automakers to change their thought process and begin to put new and interesting tech into the trucks and SUVs that we know and love. Why should the higher riding vehicles be left out of the conversation when it comes to new tech? They shouldn’t be left out at all and now that we’re deep into the 2017 model year, you can see some of the tech that’s being admired on these vehicles.

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A Decade in the Making; Traffic Could Get Better Soon

01.09.17 - Chicago Traffic

The need for change is upon us. We now have more drivers on the road than we’ve ever had and now we want to have the benefit of improved technology that will make it possible to communicate in a new way. Sooner than you might imagine vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication will be used to communicate every aspect of driving to make it possible for us to be safer on the roads. This new technology is expected to address the problem of traffic jams and issues on the road while making it much easier for you to avoid a collision.

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Turning Traffic Tickets into a Humanitarian Effort

07.16.16 - DoNotPay

Many times the most significant agencies that can help people who have been victimized by others are born from some of the simplest ideas and the desire to right what appears to be a wrong. Wouldn’t it be great to have a computerized system that can help us learn what our rights are regarding the simple issue of flight delay compensation but also be able to tackle more complex issues such as the rights of those who are HIV-positive and refugees who flee to a foreign land and need to understand the legal system of that country?

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Car Features We Won’t See on the Market Soon

07.08.16 - In-Car CD Player

Over many years the vehicles we drive have changed and developed to offer us the features that we want to have while those that have been passed by have been left behind. Just one example of this is in the audio system we see in our vehicles. Some of us can remember when cars only came with AM radios, others remember AM/FM, and still more will remember 8-Track and cassette tape decks in the audio system of our vehicles. Many younger drivers will not know anything about these features, but they may see another item about to be replaced along with a few more.

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Lexus Creates Hoverboard

Lexus Hoverboard Over Water

When one thinks of a hoverboard, you might automatically think of the Back To The Future Trilogy when young Marty McFly rides the hoverboard through town. For us 80’s kids, we really didn’t think that it would come to pass as it seemed a little too out of this world. As it turns out, fiction has become reality. Lexus has announced that they have created an actual hoverboard. They unveiled the hoverboard back in June of this year.

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Ford Car To Park Itself

Ford Car To Park Itself

Self driving vehicles, cars that can talk to each other, and all kinds of technological advancements are being made in vehicles today. There is lane change assist technology, back up camera’s, blind spot detection, and even the ability to connect our smartphones to our automobiles. Ford is forging into the frontier when it comes to technology. They are offering a vehicle that can literally park itself.

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