Last Week had a Lot Going On

Last Week had a Lot Going On

If last week in the automotive world didn’t excite you, you can’t call yourself a true automotive enthusiast. There are many new models on the way, upgrades that we want to enjoy and some old names making the rounds back to becoming some of the most impressive and admired vehicles on the road. Because there was so much covered with the new items coming down the line, you can enjoy a wrap up of last week from the AutoGuide team and know that they have shared and we’ve discussed some of the amazing new developments.

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How Much Should You Pay for a Crossover SUV?

2016 Acura RDX

Even though we all want to know we are getting a great deal, some vehicles are expensive just because a particular name is on them.  Normally when a higher brand has its name on a vehicle it’s for good reason, offering a great deal of awesome features to support the need to have a more expensive vehicle that drives better, rides quieter, gives you great off road capability or any of a variety of other reasons to have the price escalated.  Here are the most expensive crossover SUVs for 2016, as you will see, most of them are expensive for good reason.

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2016 Volvo XC90: Redesigned for Continued Success

2016 Volvo XC90

Volvo has a reputation for safety. When you see a Volvo vehicle from many years ago you see one that appears to be a square tank on wheels with all the increased safety features and protection but lacked any real design. The most recent lineups from Volvo offer a huge amount of style and design to give us looks that are exactly what we want to see in vehicles of this caliber. The new XC90 is a great example of the style ambition Volvo has brought forth and shows off with a complete rebuild from the ground up.

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