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How Much Should You Pay for a Crossover SUV?

Even though we all want to know we are getting a great deal, some vehicles are expensive just because a particular name is on them.  Normally when a higher brand has its name on a vehicle it’s for good reason, offering a great deal of awesome features to support the need to have a more expensive vehicle that drives better, rides quieter, gives you great off road capability or any of a variety of other reasons to have the price escalated.  Here are the most expensive crossover SUVs for 2016, as you will see, most of them are expensive for good reason.

Ford Escape

This might surprise you, but the Escape has become a near luxury player and offers a great driving feeling along with excellent fuel mileage.  With stunning good looks and the ability to gain what you need from a vast menu of features the Escape is a fun SUV to drive and take off the beaten path to enjoy some awesome off roading to remote destination that take you away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.  The Escape comes to you with a price of $30,630 for the front –wheel drive Titanium model.

Lincoln MKX

This makes perfect sense as the next SUV on our list as the Lincoln models typically share a platform with the Ford models.  The MKX has been revamped to load it up with awesome features that give you the best driving feeling possible along with an amazing array of great features to fully enjoy.  Purchasing a Premiere model with all-wheel drive you will be paying $41,490 and gain a new Lincoln that gives you some amazing equipment and safety assists that help you keep the drive going on and off the road.

 Lincoln MKC

Does this look a lot like the Escape?  There may be some good reasons for that since the two share an underpinning, but that is where the similarities end.  The MKC should be one of the most popular SUVs on the road as it shows up with a dynamic Lincoln driving performance and the feeling of a lighter and easier to drive vehicle.  This SUV can even be described as a large sedan from the amazing drive and for the price of $41,335 you can purchase the Reserve model with front-wheel drive to have an SUV that you are proud to show off to other soccer parents.

Kia Sorento

The Sorento makes its way to the stage and surprises us that its more expensive than two of the Lincoln models even by just a little.  This family friendly and highly popular SUV has to really load up the options to be more than the Lincolns, but with the Limited edition, a GDI V6 3.3-liter engine and all-wheel drive, it gets there in style.  The price for this Sorento comes in at $41,469 and gives you more fun to enjoy at that price than many of the other SUVs.

Acura RDX

Give the Acura RDX the Advanced Package and the price you will pay reaches up to $44,340.  For this price you will get one of the most fun SUVs on the planet that is a luxury model which is built to not take itself too seriously.  The RDX is a fantastic SUV for a growing family to enjoy for a long time and with the addition of the all-wheel drive heading away from home for the weekend will take on a whole new meaning for many families that want to get away to a great off road destination.

Ford Explorer

One of our favorite SUVs for so many years comes in the middle of the pack when it comes to an expensive SUV.  That, of course, is when it’s the Platinum trim, which is the height of the Explorer lineup, giving us an awesome Explorer to enjoy.  When  this version of the Explorer is found, the SUV is actually so well-equipped it surpasses many base model luxury SUVs with all the amazing features that you can take advantage of.  In order to get this Explorer you will be paying a price of $53,495 to get what you need, a hefty sum, but well worth the cost of this SUV which continues to be one of America’s favorites.

Volvo XC90

Not only is the XC90 one of the first vehicles to have a four-cylinder engine that reaches over 300 horsepower but it comes with a long list of signature Volvo safety features to make it one of the most sought after luxury crossovers on the market.  When the XC90 comes in the T6 Inscription model the price shows up at $55,495 which is a reasonable price for the engineering marvel and technology that is  aboard this awesome SUV.

Acura MDX

At the top of the Acura crossover SUV line is the MDX.  This larger player than the RDX takes itself a bit more seriously but that gives you more serious features to take advantage of.  Driving the MDX is a dream on a cloud that is quiet and makes it easy for all to feel comfortable and everyone but the driver to easily fall asleep for a bit or to enjoy a great movie inside the vehicle.  To get this SUV in the SH-AWD model with the Advanced and Entertainment packages you will have to pony up for a price of $56,411, but it can be an SUV you enjoy for a long time.

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

This one comes in as no surprise and fills out the second most expensive slot with ease.  The  GL63 AMG is the top of the line GL-Class SUV and is made to be as sporty as you can get while giving you the all-wheel drive feeling of heading off road in style and precision.  Mercedes-Benz has no doubt poured their hearts into the GL-Class SUV and with everything you would expect it to be the AMG shows up with a price of $120,375, which is a huge jump from the MDX.

Porsche Cayenne

Go one step above the Mercedes-Benz and what do you get?  You get to Porsche, which makes it no real surprise the Cayenne is situated at the top of our list for price and is the most expensive crossover SUV on the market.  The saying “you get what you pay for” certainly plays a sweet song here as you will love a ride in the Cayenne which drives much more like the 911 than it does any other SUV on the market.  If you think that’s an accident you would be wrong and at a price of $158,295 for the Turbo S model you should not be surprised the Cayenne has such an awesome drive-ability to it.

Even though these are considered the ten most expensive crossover SUVs on the market you can see some serious differences.  The mainstream models had to be loaded up in order to reach up and give us a high enough price to make this list while the luxury offerings had more models to get through that could be even more expensive.  The surprise was how affordable the Lincoln models are compared to some of the mainstream offerings and the huge jump that was made to the top two on this list.

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