Why Vehicle Landing Pages Work for Car Dealers

Landing Pages

Over the years, there have been so many debates about whether or not car dealers should use landing pages or send visitors directly into inventory listings through their various advertising venues. It’s the type of debate that could go on indefinitely┬ásince very few companies have the amount of data required to offer a definitive answer and they’re not talking about it. Well, most of them are not.

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Vehicles that Hold Their Value

2014 Subaru Impreza

On the average a vehicle will lose twelve percent of its value during the first year of ownership. Some cars lose more, others lose less and when you know you are going to trade the vehicle in that you have recently purchased the ability of your vehicle to hold its value is extremely important. Instead of being a statistic, this actually becomes a feature of the vehicle itself and makes it much more important for you to ensure you have a vehicle that will easily be resold for a good price and give you the most value overall. Here are ten vehicles that are well-known for holding their value and depreciate very little over the first year.

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