When Should I Change My Oil?

05.01.17 - Changing Car Oil

There is a lot of confusion around engine oil and when you drive a vehicle that doesn’t have an engine oil life indicator included it can be extremely confusing to try and understand how long your engine oil can last. As one of the fluids of your vehicle that you change on a regular basis, it’s important to fully understand what this part of your vehicle offers and why you need to change it and how often. The different types of oil offered today make it more difficult to understand when to change your engine oil.

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How Should you Modify Your Car?

01.18.17 - Terrible Car Mod

When you buy a car that you’re going to drive and enjoy for the performance it provides you probably want to make a few modifications right away. As much as many might think the first thing to do is to add more power to a vehicle that’s not always the case. You might want more horsepower to gather more speed when driving straight, but if your car is destined for the track there aren’t any straight tracks out there where you’ll drive for any length of time. This means power isn’t the first thing you should add to your car at all, but there are some important upgrades you can make to give you the power and performance you want. Engineering Explained actually has an excellent video on the topic.

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One of the Most Important Driving Decisions You Make

01.10.17 - Winter Tires

When you’re looking for the right items to have on your car for each season one of the biggest decisions you need to make that will make a huge difference in your driving and the performance of your vehicle is the tires you put on your ride. The tires you use can be one of three types, winter, all-season and summer which all have different features to make them right for different times of the year. If you invest the money in the right tires for your vehicle you’ll be able to drive and enjoy the ride the right way.

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Save Gas Even When You Drive a Gas Guzzler

01.06.17 - Filling Up Gas

While the world seems to be changing toward hybrid and electric cars and there are still many ways that trucks and large SUVs are the right vehicles for you to drive, especially when you have a lot of hauling and work to get done. With that in mind, there are some things you can do in order to make sure you can have the ride you want and the gas mileage you’ve been looking for out of that Ram 2500HD workhorse you need to get things done. Check out these tips and help give yourself better fuel mileage, even when you drive a vehicle that isn’t known for good gas mileage.

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What Do You Know About Tires?

12.20.16 - Car Tire

Tires are the part of your vehicle that’s actually making contact with the road. Because of this, the tires you choose for your vehicle are the most important part of your driving experience. For most of us the all season tires are what we need on our vehicle that’s our daily ride, but what about when you want to go to the track or head out in the wilderness? What type of tires should be on the car you drive when you want the most performance from your vehicle? Not every tire is right for every situation, but you can have the tires, as well as rims and wheels, you want on the vehicle you drive.

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What Do You Need for Your Used Audi?

11.30.16 - Used Audi

Anytime you buy a used vehicle you want to have the tools that will allow you to enjoy the benefits that come with understanding your vehicle and the ability to work on it yourself. If you pride yourself a grease monkey and want to turn wrenches on your vehicle you might need to have a few extra items in your garage when you want to work on your used Audi vehicle. The beauty of having these items in the garage allow you to also enjoy the benefit of the tools you’ll need if you happen to purchase a Volkswagen vehicle with the same type of engine.

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You’ve Got a New Performance Car; Now What?

11.22.16 - This Image is Barely Relevant

There are two schools of thought when it comes to breaking in a new vehicle and whether your new vehicle is a performance model or not there are some things you should do and some you shouldn’t do when you have a new model vehicle. The reality is that having a new car is like anything else that’s new; you need to break it in and do so in a way that will make it possible for the car to reward you with years of great driving. Here are some things you should never do in your brand new performance machine, and here’s a video describing these things if that’s what you prefer.

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Be a Partner with Your Car with some Great Hacks

11.21.16 - Somewhat Relevant Picture

No matter what type of car owner you are you want your life with your vehicle to be easier and offer you the benefit of a great ride while providing you with the ability to fit in your lifestyle the way you want. If you constantly feel like you’re having to battle to keep your car out of trouble there are some great ways to make a difference in the car ownership you have so that you can make your life easier. Don’t let a few door dings or scratches get you down, use these car hacks to help you improve your life with your vehicle.

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