01.10.17 - Winter Tires

One of the Most Important Driving Decisions You Make

When you’re looking for the right items to have on your car for each season one of the biggest decisions you need to make that will make a huge difference in your driving and the performance of your vehicle is the tires you put on your ride. The tires you use can be one of three types, winter, all-season and summer which all have different features to make them right for different times of the year. If you invest the money in the right tires for your vehicle you’ll be able to drive and enjoy the ride the right way.

While it sees like all-season tires would be the only ones you need, if you make the investment to have winter tires in colder areas or summer tires when it get hot out, you will notice a huge difference in the performance and the drive that you want. One of the most important aspects of choosing between tires is to know that winter tires are meant to give you the grip you need when it’s cold out while summer tires offer exceptional grip in the high heat but can become hard and unable to give you the grip you need when the temperature drops.

The all-season tires that most of us ride on all year are a compromise between the winter and summer versions to give you some of the best attributes of both types of tires, but these tires do offer less overall performance when more extreme temperatures are present. If you do more driving in the snow and ice and enjoy heading to the ski slopes several times a year, you need a set of dedicated winter tires for your ride to ensure you have the impressive performance you want.

On the other hand, if you live in the south and spend a lot of time in the heat, you’ll want to change your tires to summer rubber at the end of spring and have the grip you want, but for the rest of the year, all-season tires are perfect for you. While most of us don’t think about owning two full sets of tires the reality is that we need to have a great set of the right tires for the extreme temperatures that can ravage our area at different times of the year.

When it comes to summer tires versus winter tires the treading is vastly different. Summer tires have fewer broken blocks of tread which helps to create the grip needed. Winter tires have groves called sipes which are able to help to improve the grip for snow on snow driving which actually provides a lot of grip and is better in the winter. Regardless of where you live, the reality is the best performance for you will come from tires meant for the extreme temperatures when these low or high temps are present. For most of the mild temperatures, all-season tires are fine for the drive, but if you want the right performance, go ahead and invest in tires that will help you during the temperature changes that are made in your area.

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