An Escape Gone Wrong

04.03.17 - Prisoners Working

The idea of being able to escape from custody is one that many may fantasize about when they watch television or a movie. We see our heroes wrongfully accused of a variety of crimes and imprisoned only to be able to escape and prove their innocence. Real life isn’t quite as fanciful as the shows and movies put on for us to entertain us, but sometimes real life can be exciting all the same. Such was the case in Pennsylvania recently when one man thought to try and take back his freedom from custody.

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As proud as they can be

03.29.17 - Lamborghini Huracan Performante

After making the lap at Nurburgring there was one more place the new “fastest car around the ‘Ring” needed to be and that’s at the Geneva Motor Show. The new Lamborghini Huracan Performante is now the top car and it may be a few years before another car can take its place. Not only is it the fastest car to make this lap, it’s the one that offers a naturally aspirated V10 engine and it actually beat out a car that offered a hybrid powertrain under the skin of the car. This new impressive model is the model that Lamborghini is proud to show off, as you can see in this short video from AutoGuide.

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The Dukes Ride Again

03.24.17 - Dukes of Hazzard

One of the most popular shows that has ever been on television was the Dukes of Hazzard. This show gave us laughs, adventures and stories as we cheered for the well-meaning but always in trouble with the law Duke boys and their family. This was a television show that gave use more stars than just the people who were present on the set. One of the most famous stars of the Dukes of Hazzard was the General Lee which was the car that the Duke boys drove during the show in order to evade capture from the law.

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Winter Isn’t Over Yet

01.27.17 - Dodge Charger in the Snow

While some parts of the country have experienced warmer than expected weather for most of the beginning of 2017 you should be reminded that February can often be the coldest month of the year. With that cold, for those of us who love to play in the snow, we hope for a deep blanket of the white stuff that can make winter more fun than you ever anticipated. If we do happen to receive a nice thick layer of snow on the ground there are several activities you can participate in and enjoy in the outdoors.

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How Should you Modify Your Car?

01.18.17 - Terrible Car Mod

When you buy a car that you’re going to drive and enjoy for the performance it provides you probably want to make a few modifications right away. As much as many might think the first thing to do is to add more power to a vehicle that’s not always the case. You might want more horsepower to gather more speed when driving straight, but if your car is destined for the track there aren’t any straight tracks out there where you’ll drive for any length of time. This means power isn’t the first thing you should add to your car at all, but there are some important upgrades you can make to give you the power and performance you want. Engineering Explained actually has an excellent video on the topic.

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One of the Most Important Driving Decisions You Make

01.10.17 - Winter Tires

When you’re looking for the right items to have on your car for each season one of the biggest decisions you need to make that will make a huge difference in your driving and the performance of your vehicle is the tires you put on your ride. The tires you use can be one of three types, winter, all-season and summer which all have different features to make them right for different times of the year. If you invest the money in the right tires for your vehicle you’ll be able to drive and enjoy the ride the right way.

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Lexus Creates Hoverboard

Lexus Hoverboard Over Water

When one thinks of a hoverboard, you might automatically think of the Back To The Future Trilogy when young Marty McFly rides the hoverboard through town. For us 80’s kids, we really didn’t think that it would come to pass as it seemed a little too out of this world. As it turns out, fiction has become reality. Lexus has announced that they have created an actual hoverboard. They unveiled the hoverboard back in June of this year.

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