Is the Hyundai Sonata Reliable?

While some drivers let the price of a new car like the Hyundai Sonata be the primary factor influencing their buying decision, there are many other elements to consider when purchasing a vehicle. On top of the general specs you expect to look at (MPG, tech and safety features, engine size, etc.), reliability is a crucial factor to look at.

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When Should I Change My Oil?

05.01.17 - Changing Car Oil

There is a lot of confusion around engine oil and when you drive a vehicle that doesn’t have an engine oil life indicator included it can be extremely confusing to try and understand how long your engine oil can last. As one of the fluids of your vehicle that you change on a regular basis, it’s important to fully understand what this part of your vehicle offers and why you need to change it and how often. The different types of oil offered today make it more difficult to understand when to change your engine oil.

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Come Out of Winter Like a Champ

05.25.16 - Winter Road

There is no doubt that winter is one of the worst seasons for any vehicle. If you live in an area where there is a long stretch of ice and snow along with dark and gloomy days you certainly look forward to the spring and summer months with sunshine and colorful flowers, but is your car ready for the warmer months. The toll winter can have on your car and be compounded in the spring if you don’t take some precautions, but there are some ways you can ensure your car is ready for these warmer months and it will be ready to give you the best performance you can ask for from you ride.

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Tires; You Don’t Think About Them Until You Have To

05.17.16 - Tires

Most of us drive around on all season tires and are more than happy with the results we get. For the most part we don’t even think about the tires on our car until it’s time to check the pressure, which should be done at least once a month, they appear to be bald, or we experience a flat tire. On a performance car the thought process should be different. You need to think about your tires on a regular basis and if you don’t have an alternative set of summer tires you’re missing out. These tires are great for any cars, not just for the high performance models, but they aren’t cheap. Here are some of the best summer tires to give you the grip in the corners you want during the warmer days of the year.

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