05.01.17 - Changing Car Oil

When Should I Change My Oil?

There is a lot of confusion around engine oil and when you drive a vehicle that doesn’t have an engine oil life indicator included it can be extremely confusing to try and understand how long your engine oil can last. As one of the fluids of your vehicle that you change on a regular basis, it’s important to fully understand what this part of your vehicle offers and why you need to change it and how often. The different types of oil offered today make it more difficult to understand when to change your engine oil.

Service centers that don’t specialize in vehicle service will use a general rule of the need to change your oil every 3,000 miles and if you happen to drive short distances and in stop and go traffic this might be the right interval for you. What you need to do before you decide how often you’re going to change your oil is figure out the recommended intervals form your owner’s manual to make sure you’re following the guidelines indicated in this manual. Once you’ve determined the right interval for you it’s possible to proceed.

Do you really need to change your oil every 3,000 miles? Your oil requires complex additives and detergents to help to prevent the corrosion and sludge buildup that can happen in a car. These additives allow the oil to flow freely at extremely cold temperatures as well as at hot temperatures. The testing that’s been done show that at 3,000 miles oil cans still lubricate but some of these additives may no longer be present to give you the protection and the benefits of these lubricants which makes the need to change your oil on a regular basis an important one.

Over the years engine oil has changed and some oil can last longer, especially some that are synthetic in nature. In fact, some oil on the market today is being advertised to last as long as a year in order to give you more miles than you would expect. Most synthetic and blends are able to provide you with longer driving distances in between oil changes, but you need to check the recommendations from the manufacturer of the oil and from your vehicle’s manufacturer in order to know how often you need to change your oil based upon the type of oil you use.

One of the best ways to know how to make sure you are changing your oil at the proper intervals is to have a service team that knows your vehicle better than any other. If you bought your vehicle new and the dealer has a certified team of experts for your brand, this could be the best place to have your oil changed on a regular basis. If you choose a different service center, try and use the same one and become familiar with the team to receive advice that you know you can trust when it comes to your oil and how often you should change it to make sure your vehicle lasts much longer.

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