A Reliably Tough Toyota Truck

A Reliably Tough Toyota Truck

If you’re searching for a truck that can help you have the power to get things done and allow you to have the drive that makes sense, the right truck just might be the Toyota Tundra. This impressive pickup truck is one that has the active safety features you want, the electronics you admire, a … Read moreA Reliably Tough Toyota Truck

Longevity in the Vehicle You Drive (Part 2)

Honda Odyssey

Do you want your vehicle to last a long time? How many miles would you like to see on your odometer before you have to buy another vehicle?
If you drive an average number of miles every year, you could have a vehicle that lasts you more than 15 years when you take care of the maintenance and choose a model that’s rated to last for up to 200,000 miles. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many models that reach this mark, but this list is created to give you the vehicles that have the best chance of reaching this mark.

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