GMC Yukon Black Package No Longer Available


If you’re looking at a new GMC Yukon, it’s important to be aware that the Denali Black Package is no longer available. This is the second model year of the fully redesigned and all-new fifth generation of the GMC Yukon. The 2022 model comes with only a few changes from the 2021 redesign year. Now, … Read moreGMC Yukon Black Package No Longer Available

The Biggest GMC SUV for You

GMC Yukon XL

You need a big SUV to help you get where you want to go. The GMC Yukon XL gives you more room for passengers and for more cargo room.
This big brute is offered to give you the comfort, quality, and amazing ride capabilities offered to ensure you can go where you need to with ease. Tow your boat, pull your trailer, and take this big SUV out on the trails to wherever you’re going for your drive.

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Longevity in the Vehicle You Drive (Part 2)

Honda Odyssey

Do you want your vehicle to last a long time? How many miles would you like to see on your odometer before you have to buy another vehicle?
If you drive an average number of miles every year, you could have a vehicle that lasts you more than 15 years when you take care of the maintenance and choose a model that’s rated to last for up to 200,000 miles. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many models that reach this mark, but this list is created to give you the vehicles that have the best chance of reaching this mark.

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Yet Another GM Recall

11.30.16 - General Motors Headquarters

GM has had some of the largest recalls in history, most recently the faulty ignition switch recall that affected millions of vehicles around the world. Unfortunately they now have another recall that must be issued, the good news on this recall is that it won’t take long to fix because it only involved updating some software that’s meant to ensure vehicles are made safe. This recall does have to do with the safety of the GM vehicles which makes it a recall that we need to take seriously and if you happen to have one of the affected vehicles you need to have your vehicle updated right away.

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