Geely Four-Wheel Drive Unveiled for Ultimate Off-Road Adventure

Geely Four-Wheel Drive Unveiled for Ultimate Off-Road Adventure

Geely is a Chinese automaker that now owns Lotus and Volvo. Some vehicles made under the Geely name include a new four-wheel drive SUV.

Many European and American consumers give a side-eyed glance in the direction of anything from China. Some aren’t sure any Chinese automakers can reach the same heights as brands from the Old Continent or here in the Good ‘ol USA. Still, there could be something interesting about the new Geely Emgrand X7, which is a sporty SUV with the benefits of 4WD, giving it the off-road prowess desired.

This is not a brand-new SUV

The Geely Emgrand X7 was first revealed in 2018 as a new model. This SUV stands tall and looks great as a midsize SUV that could be fun on and off the roads. In 2018, the X7 came complete with keyless entry, Nappa leather seats, brushed metal trim, and a touchscreen. Looking around the cabin, you see impressive styling and features that make it easy to admire the look. If you think there’s some Volvo influence in this SUV, you’re right. The cabin area shows off brushed aluminum and three colors that complement each other well, similar to what you’ll find in many Volvo vehicles.

Tons of space in this Geely SUV

You’ll find a high driving position in this Geely four-wheel drive SUV. The space from the seating position to the front of the windshield is expansive, giving you the feeling of a spacious area. Even in the 2018 version, the Emgrand X7 features digital gauges to provide the desired readings. For the time, this Geely SUV was a pretty advanced model, making it easy to admire even in the modern auto market.

Looking to the back seat and the cargo area, you’ll find lots of space for your luggage and rear passengers. The Emgrand X7 is a two-row SUV with an impressive center armrest in the rear that folds down. A sunroof makes the cabin area feel more spacious and comfortable, giving you a great feeling. Behind the rear seats, you’ll find plenty of room for some off-road gear or the luggage you want to take along with you.

Turning to the front of this Geely SUV, you’ll see an attractive grille with metal accents and sporty lines. This X7 is a stylish vehicle that makes it easy to feel good when you step outside and get ready to take this SUV on the road for a drive.

A newer Geely four-wheel drive SUV could be better

Recently, Geely came out with a brand-new off-road SUV that might be right for your adventures. This SUV is the Xingyue L Thor Hi.F, which is an advanced two-row SUV with all the trimmings. This vehicle features a hands-free liftgate that opens to a large cargo area. The rear seats fold flat easily to open up a much bigger and still flat cargo area where you can carry lots of gear.

Looking up (we’ll call the SUV Thor), the Thor features a large glass panoramic sunroof to let the light shine in. The front seats are covered in attractive leather that’s dyed differently from the leather on the rear seats, giving this SUV a special appearance for the drive.

There’s a lot going on with the lights

In a true Chinese way, the lighting elements of the Geely Thor SUV feature various modes to flash, blink, or warn other drivers and pedestrians of this SUV’s desire to continue to move through traffic. Of course, the lights might not be as effective when Thor is in its four-wheel drive mode out on the trails in the wilderness.

This new Geely SUV features a wide infotainment screen with a comprehensive navigation system to help divers get where they want to go. Behind the steering wheel resides an excellent digital gauge cluster, providing the desired vehicle information.

Looking around the cabin of the Geely Thor SUV, you can easily see some of the Lotus and Volvo influences with the light colors and spacious cabin. The influence of these brands has helped make this Geely SUV attractive and alluring.

Geely has taken advantage of the expertise of Volvo and Lotus to create stylish and attractive four-wheel drive SUVs that could be great out on the trails. Of course, these SUVs might be a little too stylish to be excellent off-road machines, but they certainly look good and provide the alluring appeal we want to see.

Will the Geely Thor SUV make its way to the United States? While uncertain of this, if you’re in China for a visit, this could be the SUV you want to ride around in and enjoy.

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