Last Week had a Lot Going On

Last Week had a Lot Going On

If last week in the automotive world didn’t excite you, you can’t call yourself a true automotive enthusiast. There are many new models on the way, upgrades that we want to enjoy and some old names making the rounds back to becoming some of the most impressive and admired vehicles on the road. Because there was so much covered with the new items coming down the line, you can enjoy a wrap up of last week from the AutoGuide team and know that they have shared and we’ve discussed some of the amazing new developments.

Kia Stonic – As the subcompact crossover you’ll admire and love to drive, this new small SUV shares a platform with the Kia Rio and is ready to give us the added space we want while being small and efficient in order to make sure we continue to be amazed by this brand. This company has grown for many years and is a brand that now has attractive and energetic vehicles like the Kia Soul that make this one of the best new vehicles to come down the line in recent years. This brand also made its way to the top of the initial quality list for J. D. Power, giving Kia a lot to be proud of.

Polestar Sub-brand – In the past, the Polestar label for Volvo was only attached to vehicles that offered us a bit of a difference and let us have more of the qualities we want from this brand. Going forward, and right now with very little information to share, the Polestar name will be a sub-brand from Volvo that will represent its EV lineup of vehicles that will be right for use on the road. This will be used for performance models in order to give others the competition that is much needed on the market.

Jaguar E-Pace – While all we’ve received so far is the pricing of the E-Pace and a comparison look at what it will be compared to the current F-Pace. This new crossover SUV will show up as a smaller model and be one that will let us have the qualities we need and a great way to drive in a compact form. We did get a brief look at what will be the electric crossover, which will be the I-Pace, but nothing has been discussed about this model yet as its still in the concept stage.

New Leaf – The new Nissan Leaf will be a huge addition to the EV market with a range that will rival the Chevrolet Bolt and the upcoming Tesla Model 3. This new Leaf will offer a more chiseled look to make it a car that you can see and enjoy in a way that was difficult in the bubble-shaped leaf of the past. This new generation of the Leaf will ensure we have at least three cars on the market that can be part of what we enjoy on the road and have for the driving we’re looking for in the EV market.

Camaro ZL1 1LE – This amazing sports car become one of the fastest to ever make the lap at Nurburgring and it showed up as possibly the fastest production car ever made by GM. With a lap time of 7:16 the Camaro that brings in 650 horsepower and benefits from a sixty-pound weight loss with the 1LE package was able to be the car that garnered the most attention as it ripped off this quick time around a track that is extremely difficult to navigate for most cars on the road.


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