How Much Does It Cost to Wrap Your Car?

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap Your Car?

Should you wrap your car or paint your vehicle? This is a question that many who want their cars to look the very best, face.

The cost of doing either is only one part of the equation. You’ll want to know how long each last, compared to the other, and what the various options are with wrapping vs. painting. There is a right answer and it can be found by putting several questions on the board to see what’s going to work best for you. Let’s get started.

Let’s Answer the Title Question First

The average cost for a car wrap varies greatly. Typically, you’ll spend been $1,80 and $6,000 but some of these wraps can go up to $10,000. The cost associated with the wrap has to do with the type of vehicle being wrapped, the size of said vehicle, the type of vinyl, the thickness of the vinyl, and any details added to the wrap. You can order a car wrap with just about any graphic on it you want, which is why many companies spend their advertising money to put a cool and colorful wrap on their work vehicles.

Is it Cheaper to Paint or Wrap?

Based on the cost associated with the car wrap, they are about the same. You can go with the cheap option when you wrap your car, but there are plenty of cheap paint options as well. Its not unheard of for paint to become expensive, especially when you choose high-quality paint and multiple coats. The same can be said of a car wrap. That $10,000 wrap is not cheap at all and is probably the most durable you can find.

Is it Worth it to Apply a Car Wrap?

If you’re looking for a temporary upgraded to the appearance of your car, yes, a car wrap is worth it. You can change it or replace it later on and that change is much cheaper than another paint job. The car wrap you choose can also work to protect your car’s paint. This can be a small investment into the future sales price of the vehicle. When it’s time to sell, remove the wrap and let the paint shine through.

How Much Does it Cost to Apply a Car Wrap Yourself?

Buying the wrap and applying it to your car can be a time-consuming task, but it can be worth the cost. Doing this yourself means you’re only paying for the materials to wrap your car. The price for this wrap should be between $500 and $750. If you have a truck, you can expect that price to triple to cover the area of the entire truck. Some people will only wrap a portion of their vehicle and not the entire car.

What Should You Know About Applying a Car Wrap?

If you’re going to try and do this job on your own; that’s commendable. There are few things you want to avoid which are common mistakes for DIYers trying to get this job done.

Don’t try to hide damage

Vinyl graphics don’t cover damage and won’t fix a problem on the body of your vehicle. You need to fix the problems first and then apply the car wrap to your vehicle. Otherwise, you will have some issues. Dents and dings in the body could lead to the adhesive on the wrap failing when you put it on.

Don’t guess at the measurements

When you want to wrap your car, you want it to look great when you’re done. There’s nothing worse than working hard on a job only to find that you’re a little short of the materials necessary to complete the task. “Measure twice, cut once” which is absolutely true when applying car wrap. You might way to make a template out of paper before cutting any vinyl, that way you have the exact measurements and if you mess up with the paper, it doesn’t matter.

Don’t overstretch the adhesive vinyl

Not all of the vinyl used in car wraps is made to be stretched. Some is only for flat surfaces and should no be stretched at all. This is especially true of door decals that you want to look perfect and even on both sides of the car. Make sure you have the right material and apply it correctly so that your car looks amazing once you’re finished with the wrap.

Don’t cover what can’t be covered

Your vinyl might not work with some of the materials on the outside of your car. If you have plastic cladding, you’re probably not going to wrap that area of the car. Some material can be attached to plastic, but some cannot. Make sure you know what you’re working with before you begin. You want to wrap your car and you want it to look like a professional did the job.

Don’t use the heat gun improperly

A heat gun will help you apply the car wrap the way you want, but too much heat can create problems in your vinyl. The proper way to use the heat gun is from the middle outward. You want the vinyl stretched tight before beginning with the heat gun. Consistent back and forth sweeping motions will help keep the heat even and allow you to have a wonderful finish when you’re done. Applying a car wrap takes time and patience, if you don’t have these things, have a professional do the job.

Don’t cut the vinyl before applying it

Precutting the vinyl can lead to a wrap that looks like it was patched together. This is certainly the case when you have graphics on the wrap that need to look consistent. You want the to wrap your car with a look that stands out for all to admire. This won’t happen if you cut the vinyl ahead of time. You could end up with graphics that are odd and not consistent ion your car. Take your time, position the vinyl where you want it, and then cut it to the right size.

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