MX-30: Mazda’s First All-Electric SUV

Mazda recently announced the newest SUV in its lineup and the automaker’s first electric vehicle. Here’s what we know about the MX-30, from range to features, to availability.

A Green Dream Machine

The Mazda MX-30 is the ideal SUV for drivers looking for an economical daily driver that has enough range to handle a commute and recharges quickly. Like its gasoline-powered siblings, Mazda’s electric vehicle is engineered to deliver a responsive, engaging driving experience.

Inside, the MX-30 is loaded with all of the creature comforts you want in a modern SUV. But what sets this Mazda apart from the competition is the use of sustainable materials throughout the cabin. For drivers who need to drive to work but want a more environmentally conscious commuter vehicle, the Mazda MX-30 may be an all-out dream machine.

Responsiveness Meets Responsibility

The all-electric MX-30 is powered by a 143-horsepower electric motor that will power the front wheels. All-wheel drive may become an available option when the hybrid electric model is released but isn’t available on the all-electric MX-30. The 35.5kWh battery pack has a 100-mile range, which is just about on-point for commuters looking for a greener ride.

And since this is a Mazda, you can expect a driver-focused experience behind the wheel. Its G-vectoring Control Plus delivers the signature precision and responsiveness that make the lineup a favorite among drivers who crave performance.

Recharge While You Shop

Recharging the MX-30 is as easy as plugging it into your home’s AC outlet. However, with improvements to the nation’s electric vehicle infrastructure, finding a rapid charging station is getting easier. In many areas, you can even find rapid charging stations adjacent to major chain stores. Just plug in your MX-30, and it will be 80% charged by the time you finish shopping at Target (as if you can spend less than 36 minutes shopping there).

Sophisticated and Athletic

True to its heritage, Mazda’s Kodo design philosophy is apparent throughout the MX-30. Its sculpted silhouette is refined and athletic. The MX-30 has a pillarless design that features rear-hinged freestyle rear doors found on premium European rivals. Not only does the design make for a sleek, sophisticated look, but it also reduces drag, making the electric SUV even more efficient.

A New Standard of Quality

Mazda’s commitment to the environment is apparent in the new MX-30. The automaker uses sustainable materials throughout the cabin, including cork and fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles.

But if you think you’re sacrificing refinement for responsibility, think again. The fabric seats are breathable (and heated!) and comfortable. And you’ll enjoy the same high standard for quality and luxury you expect from a Mazda.

You’ll also get a long list of features, including a power sunroof, a climate control system that you can control from the digitized screen, plus safety features such as blind spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert.

New Model Drops in Late 2021

The 2022 Mazda MX-30 will be available in California in late 2021, with plans to make it available in other areas throughout the United States at a later date. Stay in touch with your local Mazda dealership for updates and to schedule a test drive when it’s available in your area.

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