Chevrolet Traverse

Third Row Seating SUV’s Available Under $35k

If you’re in the market for an affordable three-row SUV, you’re in luck. While it might seem like many of the larger SUVs, have prices that might make it difficult to buy the vehicle and afford the cross-country road trip you’ve been dreaming about.

Fortunately, there are several amazing three-row options that won’t break the bank. Whether you need room for eight or just want an SUV big enough to give you options, here are some of the best third-row seating SUVs available for under $35k.

The Chevy Traverse

Starting at $30,995

Drivers who gravitate towards the Chevrolet Traverse love its 3.6-liter V6 that offers plenty of power without sacrificing handling. Even on the base models, there’s plenty of amazing features that keep passengers coming back for more rides.

The upcoming 2022 version of this highly capable Chevy SUV is expected to make plenty of waves. This refresh of the popular family vehicle will add a slew of standard safety features, an eight-inch display, and updated upholstery. Even though the freshest 2022 Chevy Traverse models aren’t available just yet, they should be out and taking reservations soon.

The Nissan Pathfinder

Starting at $34,560

The Nissan Pathfinder was meant to replace the family minivan but with a bit more style and class. The next available version of this rugged SUV is going through a complete redesign that should help make it beyond competitive with its rivals.

Unlike the minivans of old, this family-friendly Pathfinder offers some pretty impressive towing stats. If you want to venture off-road, make sure to opt for the all-wheel-drive system that works wonderfully with the V6 engine.

The Ford Explorer

Starting at $34,170

While the Ford Explorer is classified as a mid-size SUV, its three rows offer plenty of room for the entire family. It even offers a massive cargo area that can be increased by folding various seats throughout the cabin.

The Explorer also brings all of the tech and safety features you’re looking for. An added bonus is that you can now pick up the Explorer as a hybrid model. That means you can enjoy all of the capability and safety that comes with Ford’s three-row SUV while saving time and money with fewer stops to the gas station.

Honorable Mention: The Mazda MX-9

Starting at $35,335

While the Mazda MX-9 doesn’t technically fit into the under $35 category, it’s certainly worth considering if you have the ability to stretch your budget. This three-row SUV has won multiple awards and offers an intense turbocharged engine. Enjoy sharp handling and enough pickup that make you forget your driving to work and not to the racetrack.

One of the most rewarding elements of driving the new MX-9 is that your neighbors will think you spent a lot more for something this sophisticated and refined.

Explore other three-row SUVs like the new Chevrolet Traverse at your local car dealer today.

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