The New Kia Carnival is Ready to Give You a Great Drive

The New Kia Carnival is Ready to Give You a Great Drive

Minivans aren’t supposed to look cool, but it would be hard not to think the 2022 Kia Carnival is anything other than a cool family vehicle.

When this van arrives, we will no longer see the Sedona in the market. While the Sedona was long overdue for an upgrade, it’s pretty cool to see the new Carnival ready to give you the drive you’ve longed for.

The Interior Looks Amazing

We used to think other minivans were the best in the market, but the new Kia Carnival is certainly taking over the top spot in this category. You’ll find a comfortable interior, plenty of great features, and style that can make you smile. It’s hard to think of a minivan being anything other than a family hauler, but when you’re behind the wheel, you’ll love the look and feeling of the cabin of this impressive minivan.

Four Trims Offered for the Kia Carnival

When we get the new Carnival, it will be offered in four trims that are right for you. The base model will be the LX trim followed by the EX, and the SX. The SX Prestige will top the charts for this new van. The price for the Carnival begins at a little more than $33,000 with the top model coming in at a price of just under $48,000.

Give Your Rear Passengers the Comfort They Desire

If you have older children or adults that will ride in the middle of this new minivan, you can offer them the comfort of a pair of VIP lounge-style captain’s chairs with reclining seatbacks and leg rests to give them a great way to have the comfort desired. The third row of seats features a middle seat that folds into a table to give you a surface for activities.

The Single Power Level for the Kia Carnival

The new Carnival rides on the N3 platform which gives you only one powertrain for the drive. This powertrain is a 3.5-liter V6 engine that makes 290 horsepower and 262 lb.-ft. of torque. You’ll enjoy the smooth power delivery of the eight-speed automatic transmission that drives the front wheels of this vehicle. Unfortunately, Kia does not offer AWD for this vehicle.

An Abundance of Technology is Offered

If you’re looking for a minivan with lots of ways for you to connect and enjoy the drive, the Kia Carnival is right for you. You’ll enjoy wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, an eight-inch touchscreen that’s standard with the top trim offering a pair of 12.3-inch screens. Enjoy the alerts that come from the safety system and the views offered with the 360-degree camera system when you take this minivan for a drive.

Get ready, the new Kia Carnival is on the way to dealers in your area and it could be the minivan that makes you love minivans once again. These vehicles aren’t going to take the SUV dominance quietly and have gotten better every year. Make this your family hauler by visiting your local Kia dealer today.

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