And the Winner Is

And the Winner Is…

The team of experts got together and tested several different cars, as they do every year, to come up with the one model that would win the coveted 2018 Car of the Year Award.

This team put several cars through their paces on the track and on the road while checking out different qualities that each car brought to the contest to see which ones offered what we want for the drive that can be enjoyed. The team came up with a winner to give us the car that is new to the market and ready to drive.

The vehicles that were in contention for this award include the Honda Accord, Alfa Romeo Giulia, Toyota Camry, Subaru Impreza, and Kia Stinger. With this crowd of vehicles, you can see how difficult the job was to find one that stood out from the crowd to be the right vehicle for the award. All five of these cars have something special, unique, and seriously impressive about them that would make them models that are certainly in contention for the recognition of the quality they bring to the market. Even so, only one car can win this award each year.

The Overall Winner

The winner of the 2018 Car of the Year award from this team is the Kia Stinger. This car is one of the most impressive cars to be offered on the market for this year. This car brings in truly engaging driving to make sure you can have a lot of fun when you get behind the wheel and take it out for a ride. You’ll want to find more areas to drive and put the car through its paces so that you can see what it will offer when you’re ready to get the drive you’re looking for and take it out for a lot of fun.

This award and the recognition the Kia Stinger has earned shows the improvements this brand has made over its time on the market. It wasn’t too long ago that Kia was considering the bargain basement brand and one that was just entering the market. Now, we have a brand that offers us some of the most attractive cars on the road, a selection of great SUVs, and some of the models that are made to compete in and out of the typical Kia class in order to make sure we can have a ton of great choices.

With two engine choices you can make for the Kia Stinger, a variety of excellent interior comforts and qualities and the dynamic suspension and build underneath, this is a car that sets the tone and offers you the driving experience you’ll want. Choose the V6 model and have the excitement increased or let this car be your daily drive with the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Either way, you can be proud to know you’ve chosen an award-winning car that has been built to offer us a wonderful drive and the sporty class we want to enjoy.


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