Your Chevy Could be More Connected for You

Think about the different conveniences that we have and can enjoy when we head out on the road now and you’ll realize the newest advancement made by Chevrolet is just the next step.
We’ve gone from a world with hand-cranked cash registers and cash only transactions to credit and debit cards that represent all of our available money. From there, we’ve begun to have more apps on our smartphones that help us pay with just a swipe on the screen at the location where we need to make a payment.

In order to make it even more convenient for you to pay for fuel when on the road, and to help make sure you choose a Shell station as the place you choose to buy gas, Chevrolet and Shell have partnered with Marketplace to have the first embedded in-dash fuel payment and savings system. The Marketplace system is the first commerce platform for on-demand reservations and purchases of goods and services and now will allow owners of Chevy vehicles to pay and save for fuel directly from the infotainment system in the vehicle, making this process just a little more convenient for you.

How Does This System Work in Your Chevrolet Vehicle?

The Marketplace system is available in 2017 and newer vehicles from Chevy and its currently being tested in select markets with the expectation of a nationwide rollout later in the year. With this system, a user simply presses the Shell icon in the Marketplace app and selects their preferred station. A few more taps of the finger, and answers to questions and there will be a code generated that can be used to activate the pump at the desired fueling station when you’re ready to fill up the tank with gas. The payment will then be automatically charged to the payment method on file and the Fuel Rewards savings are applied.
The goal of offering this system for you to have the payments you want for your fuel when you’re out on the road is the value, productivity, and convenience you want to enjoy when you drive. This advancement certainly ensures you can have the ease of payment for fuel and other items that you’re already using Marketplace for. If you’re in one of the markets that already allows you to use this system, you’re likely to enjoy this convenience when you’re out on the road.
Even if you’re not in the market where the Shell app is offered in the Marketplace app for your Chevrolet vehicle, you soon will be. If you don’t own a Chevy Vehicle that’s a 2017 or newer model that can have this system, you might consider trading in the vehicle you own and choose one of the newer models from Chevrolet so that you can have the experience you’re looking for when you head out on the road and want to pay with ease at the Shell pump you choose. Either way, this is a first for the industry and a system that will likely become used more widely in the near future.

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