Dream Car Series: Porsche 911

Seriously Great Driving in the Porsche 911

You’re ready to have a sports car that has become one of the top models in the entire world. The car that you’re looking for when you want to have a lot of fun from behind the wheel is the Porsche 911. Whether you had this car on your wall as a poster when you were a kid, have dreamed of a time when you could afford to purchase this fun and active car, or you’re simply ready for a car that’s a lot of fun, the Porsche 911 is the right choice for you.

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What to Consider When Porsche Shopping

Porsche 996

Most of us don’t have the kind of cash a new Porsche 911 calls for nor do we have the ability to buy a 991 that, even though it’s a used model, will still call for a large sum of cash.  You could look to the old 997 model and still have to part ways with over $30,000 and some of the older 911 models that are basically junked out will cost you more than $34,000 just to tow them away.  This makes shopping for a great Porsche nearly an impossibility for those of us just looking for a fun sports  car for the weekends at a great price, unless of course you consider the 996.

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