More to Mazda Than You Might Expect

More to Mazda Than You Might Expect

The Mazda brand and its “zoom zoom” moniker have been part of what we imagine and love to enjoy on the road for many years, whether you drive a Mazda3, a Mazda6, or another great Mazda model. Right now, it feels like the most anticipated new model from this brand that we’re looking for is the next RX model which has been shown as a concept in the Vision Concept model that hasn’t made its way to the production line just yet. With that in mind, what you might not realize is the fact that Mazda is ready to give us a look at another model that will be impressive on the road.

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Toyota Combined a Minivan and SUV

Toyota Combined a Minivan and SUV

When it comes to the positive elements of a minivan and an SUV you’ll have the benefits of a family-sized vehicle that can carry everyone where they need to go. As you look at what an SUV offers, the higher ride height and versatility of the cargo capacity make driving and bringing what you’re looking for with you to where you want to go. Toyota took these positive attributes and put them together to have the drive and the performance needed.

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It’s on the Way, But You Have to Be Patient

Its on the Way But You Have to Be Patient

One of the most iconic vehicles ever built was the Volkswagen Microbus. With a look that was singular, a large VW badge up front and the feeling of being able to hit the road for the fun and adventure that we want this was the original go anywhere minivan. In the 1960s if you wanted to go somewhere for the ride and the fun you chose the Microbus. This cool vehicle has been known to be the right one for the hippie crowd or the beach bums to drive and show off.

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Camouflage isn’t Going to Get it Done

Toyota Subcompact Crossover SUV

What seems to happen when we are anticipating a new model of any vehicle?  The vehicle is tested somewhere in a supposedly remote location with what is to be a layer of camouflage over it that is supposed to keep us from being able to see what the car will really look like.  Such was the case with the new Toyota Subcompact Crossover SUV (yes, another one of those) that was seen testing with a Scion xB.  In no way can automakers continue to expect us to believe they really think they are hiding much at all from us with this covering.

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