It’s on the Way, But You Have to Be Patient

Its on the Way But You Have to Be Patient

One of the most iconic vehicles ever built was the Volkswagen Microbus. With a look that was singular, a large VW badge up front and the feeling of being able to hit the road for the fun and adventure that we want this was the original go anywhere minivan. In the 1960s if you wanted to go somewhere for the ride and the fun you chose the Microbus. This cool vehicle has been known to be the right one for the hippie crowd or the beach bums to drive and show off.

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Taking a Whack at a Bug

Volkswagen History

The Volkswagen Beetle can be considered one of the most inarguable icons of the automotive world.  It’s not fast, it’s not powerful, it’s not even stylish or elegant, but it sure is fun.  No matter what age group you belong to this car has been around and in some way been a part of the society you have lived in.  It was offered at times when cars were larger and more powerful to be a smaller and more economic option for many and many of the classic aged Beetles are still being updated and remade to be cars we want to love and drive.  Let’s take a tour down memory lane and see how the Beetle has touched history and what it has been.

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