Get the Proof You Need

Get the Proof You Need

When you decide to head out on the road to take your daily ride to work or to wherever you choose to go you’re putting your life into the hands of everyone around you including yourself. You never know when you’re going to have an incident on the road and end up needing to have proof of what happened when you were driving or when others were. The one way you can make sure you will have your story straight and be able to defend yourself in case of an accident or altercation is with a dashboard-mounted camera.

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GMC Helps You Keep Your Rear Seat Safe

01.25.17 - GMC Acadia

Small children have a tendency to be in their own little world when riding around in the car with their parents. Whether they look out the window and use their imagination to create a world of wonder or they happen to have a game to play or even fall asleep, many children find great ways to pass the time during some of the most boring parts of their day. Unfortunately, the parents of these children have a tendency to be busy and full of business and family related topics on their minds, which means they need some help.

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Cars that Don’t Earn the “Mom” Seal of Approval

05.13.16 - Monster Truck

You can only imagine how quickly a car won’t get an approval from most mothers. Unless you have a mother who is a gear head that loves the smell of fumes and wants to see just how much power and torque she can get from her latest sports car, not likely, you will only get her approval if the car is sufficiently safe with record for keeping everyone aboard from getting hurt. Sorry mothers, there is just too much horsepower and fun for us to have on the market today and while some of the European exotics would make obvious choices as cars you don’t want us to drive, here are some that might have slipped past your view but still don’t get your approval.

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