Another New Experience

12.05.16 - Jaguar Land Rover Classic Ice Academy

Most of us are terrified of driving on the ice and some even fear driving in the rain. It makes sense to fear driving on ice; when there’s ice on the roads in your area it’s easy to see how a vehicle could spin out, end up in a ditch, run into other vehicles and cause some serious accidents. the fact that ice can get between the tires and the road to cause you to have no traction at all is frightening and will leave you wanting to get to your destination even more than ever or have you turning back the other way to avoid driving on the ice.

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2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport: The Compact Luxury SUV for You

03.23.16 - 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport

As a world renowned company that has continuously produced vehicles that can go anywhere on or off the road to tackle some of the most challenging environments Land Rover did not ignore the fact that the compact SUV market was booming, especially on the luxury side. The Discovery Sport competes with the BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Volvo XC60, but none of them shows the off road prowess of the Discovery Sport which was built to be on the trails and in the wilderness taking on Mother Nature and showing her who’s the boss.

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