What Buick Models Will 2022 Bring To The Lineup?

What Buick Models Will 2022 Bring To The Lineup

Every Buick dealer in the country is pulsating with excitement for the 2022 Buick lineup. With a number of facelifts, upgrades, and innovations, the 2022 Buick lineup will easily be the best one yet. Let’s take a look at which 2022 Buick Models will be arriving at your local dealership soon.

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What is the Buick Envision?

Buick Envision

As the newest member of the Buick lineup, the Envision has been created to fill a void in the SUV segment.
This vehicle marks one of the first times we’ve had a domestic vehicle imported from China to be an incredible choice for you. The cabin of this SUV is offered with excellent rear seat legroom, comfortable materials, modern technology, and the versatility you’re looking for when you have this SUV as the one you want to drive. Take a closer look at the Envision and let it be the right SUV for your driving needs.

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Comfortably Fitting in the Middle with Buick

Comfortably fitting in the middle with Buick

For several years, the Buick lineup of SUVs appeared to be missing something in the middle. You’ve seen the compact Encore and the larger Enclave for a few years now, but the newest member of this lineup of the new Buick Envision. This addition was new for the 2017 model year and now continues to be an SUV that can give you what you’re looking for when you want a midsize crossover SUV that has the comfort and qualities you need and plenty of room for your gear. This SUV is one that brings you five trim levels and a large number of quality features.

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