What We Know About the Jeep Recon

What We Know About the Jeep Recon

The Wrangler-inspired Jeep Recon should be hitting your Jeep dealership sometime in 2024 as it nears production and readies for fun on the trails.

This EV off-roader is absolutely not a replacement for the Wrangler, but Jeep says that it is inspired by that iconic off-roader. The inspiration seems clear in its boxy shape, but the front fascia looks more like the Cherokee. Let’s take a look at what we know.

Jeep To Release 4 EV Models By 2025

Jeep plans to release four EV models by 2025 and the first or second model to arrive in the US market should be the Jeep Recon. Its targeted audience is those who want a midsize EV SUV model with good off-roading ability. The ideal customer seems like someone who wants something similar to the Wrangler, but not quite.

And indeed, the Jeep Recon features similar styling to the Wrangler. It’s boxy and rugged with a tall windshield and low hood. Spokespeople for the brand say that the Recon is absolutely inspired by the Wrangler, but that it was designed from the ground up.

The small seven-slot grille and boxy headlights strongly resemble the Chinese BAIC BJ40 and BJ60 SUVs, which were in fact also inspired by the Jeep Wrangler. A bumper guard, exposed tow hooks, fog lights, and a functional lower grille complete the Recon’s unique front look.

New Age Design

It’s obvious right from the first look that the Jeep Recon is very different from the Wrangler. However, it will also stand out from the crowd at your Jeep dealership. It’s missing the Wrangler’s fender flares, but the wheel arches have a sleek look to improve aerodynamics. The door handles on the Recon are also tucked in to further improve aerodynamics.

In the rear, the Recon features square tail lights that stretch slightly to the side for a wraparound effect. The tailgate opens from the side and a spare tire is mounted on the center. A chunky bumper guard, exposed tow hook, and the license plate recess complete the rear look.

Inside, the Jeep Recon will be packed with cutting-edge tech features to appeal to the most modern of consumers. Some features are rumored to be Remote Vehicle Tracking, Jeep Drone Pairing, Group Ride, Jeep Trails, and OTA updates among others. It should also come with peer-to-peer charging.

Powertrain and Range

The Jeep Recon features the Selec-Terrain traction management system, plus e-locker axles and large off-road tires. It will most likely be built on the STLA Large platform and will be Trail Rated. Rumors say that the Recon will offer at least three trims, including the off-road Moab trim. eAWD should be standard and enabled by two motors, one on each axle.

This combination should make over 400 horsepower for the base model and up to 600 horsepower in the top trim. The Jeep Recon is expected to offer close to 500 miles of range in normal conditions. It may also include batteries that can provide 300-400 miles in extreme cold and high altitude.

Despite the wait for the Jeep Recon to hit your Jeep dealership, this is already one of the most exciting EV off-roaders in the pipeline.


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