The Porsche 911 T: Delivering Pure Fun and Driving Satisfaction

The Porsche 911 T: Delivering Pure Fun and Driving Satisfaction

The Porsche 911 has the mojo to be one of the most incredible cars in the world, and the 911 T is the true sports car of the people.

The 911 T isn’t the fastest, quickest, most hardcore, or most track-oriented version of this sports car, but it has more than enough redeeming qualities for most drivers. This version of the 911 is perfect for any driver looking for a sports car with an excellent driving experience, mechanical connection, and engagement on the road. If you’re looking for an amazing driving experience on the road, this is the Porsche you want to drive.

What makes this Porsche special?

With so many different versions of the 911 to choose from, what makes the 911 T the right choice for most drivers? This version is the 911 that many drivers want to enjoy when given the choice and the model that makes enthusiasts happy. You’ll find all the performance features and none of the unnecessary luxury or tech features that make the car heavier. The 911T offers a low weight, low price, and high value, making it a great choice when you’re looking for a 911 that has everything you want for your drive.


  • Superlative driving experience
  • Relative value
  • More versatile than previous 911 T models


  • Too many shift gates
  • Less focused than it used to be
  • Still can’t see the gas gauge

More performance than you’ll ever use

The Porsche 911 T isn’t the most powerful version of this car, but it has the performance you’ll want when you see an open road in front of you and are ready to rocket to high speeds. This car delivers 379 horsepower and 331 lb-ft of torque, making it easy to hit the accelerator and get going. When you’re looking for a car that delivers pure fun and driving satisfaction, this is the car for you. Sure, other Porsche 911 models have more power, but you’ll never tap into those power reserves unless you head to the track. The power figures of the 911 T are more than adequate for your time on any road.

Performance qualities for this Porsche are aided by the low curb weight, which comes in at 3,280 pounds, and the 62% rear weight bias. Toss in the low peak torque and sticky stock tires put on the 911 T, and you’ve got a car that can tear up any canyon run with confidence or rocket down a straightaway at high speeds. This is a car made to handle your rough and inelegant driving manners, making it easy to push it hard and abuse the car when you hit the accelerator.

Is this a Car of the Year contender?

MotorTrend considers the Porsche 911 T as a Car of the Year contender but had to make some concessions when applying their six criteria to this incredible sports car. There’s no denying this car fits the performance and intended function as one of the most fun and active road-going sports cars in the market. The engineering is also excellent, which makes this Porsche a top model in at least two categories.

If you’re looking at the 911 T and searching for value, it’s one of the most affordable cars wearing the venerable name, which means it’s the value player. This Porsche is also efficient, with only the Carrera with the PDK automatic transmission offering better fuel mileage.

Safety and Advancement in Design are two categories where this Porsche doesn’t hit top marks, although the stickiness on the road could be considered an inherent safety quality. The design is timeless but not advanced, which drivers love, but pushes the 911 T down the list when considering other cars in this class.

The Porsche 911 T isn’t perfect

Is this the perfect sports car? Not at all. You can see some flaws listed in the pros and cons list and understand that it has a few flaws, but that shouldn’t turn anyone away. The 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged flat six-cylinder engine mated to a seven-speed manual transmission makes this car fun and active on any road. There’s a small GT-spec steering wheel that blocks the fuel gauge, which means you’ve got to look over it every so often to see how much fuel is left.

Although it’s not perfect, the Porsche 911 T could be the perfect sports car for anyone looking for a 911 that’s made for fun on the road. This Porsche can show off, deliver great performance, and put a smile on the face of any driver. If you’re not convinced, take it out for a test drive and see for yourself.

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