Lancia Debuts a Return With an Electric Concept

Lancia Debuts a Return With an Electric Concept

What’s going on with Lancia? Are they still around? The answer is “yes,” and they brought a new Lancia electric concept car to the Milan Design Week event.

This new concept car could bring Lancia out of the shadows from where it’s been hiding for several years. At one time, this brand was one of the top names in the World Rally Championship racing circuit, but now it could be on the verge of taking things to a new level. Will this new EV become the next great Lancia racing machine?

What is the Pu Ra HPE?

Are we cutting the ends off all words these days? We hear modern women call each other “gorge,” which is short for gorgeous, and some hipsters use BAE to stand for their significant other. Is Lancia doing the same with this new car? The Lancia Pu+Ra HPE is the name of this new concept, and all parts of the name are shortened words or acronyms. The Pu stands for pure, and Ra is for the radical design of the car. The final part of the name is HPE which is short for high-performance electric, giving us a complete name but in short form.

Does this new Lancia bring style forward?

If the new Lancia electric concept vehicle reminds you of anything from the past, it is a callback to the Lancia Beta of the 1970s. Sure, the edges are rounder, and the body of the new model is chunkier, but the basic shape and profile are extremely similar to the Beta model. Both cars are also high-performance vehicles with plenty of power and performance, well, at least the Beta model is. This new electric car brings massive wheels and amazing style to help renew this classic brand.

It seems everything about the new Lancia Pu+Ra LPE is made to be on point. The color on display at the Milan Design Week event is called progressive green. As you might guess, this color signifies the progression of the brand and the sustainable future offered. The hue is a blue-green that looks like it could be called ocean foam or sea mist green, but instead, the brand chose to call it progressive green. The color isn’t only a progressive hue but one that pays tribute to the Lancia Flaminia Azzurro Vincennes. Regardless of its purpose, it fits perfectly on this new electric sports car.

Will this new Lancia be comfortable?

Most sports cars aren’t comfortable at all, but this new Lancia electric concept brings an interior that’s supposed to feel cozy and comfortable, like your home. The brand collaborated with Cassina, an Italian furniture designer, to create such an interior. The front seats are free-standing armchairs with a round table between them, similar to what you might find in your living room. We aren’t sure if these chairs can make it to production, but they are an interesting idea.

Regardless of the final interior style and features, Lancia intends for at least 70 percent of the surfaces to be made from sustainable materials. Putting this much effort into the sustainability of this new car could be the quality that puts this new car over the top if it comes to production.

Is Lancia replacing the Ypsilon supermini car?

Although Lancia isn’t a common name in the United States, the supermini Ypsilon is a popular car in Italy. In fact, it’s one of the most driven and useful cars on the tight roads of many Italian cities. This small car is ready to go to market as a new version with hybrid and electric powertrains. The new Ypsilon will become part of the mix in 2024, and once 2026 arrives, all new Lancia models will be 100% electric, with a plan to phase out hybrids by 2028. This new EV should offer up to 435 miles of driving range and a short charging time of nearly 10 minutes, which could make it a great car to drive as long as desired.

Will the new Lancia Pu+Ra HPE head to the United States?

We’re not even sure if the new Lancia electric concept will become a production car, and if it does, there’s no guarantee it will head across the pond to the United States. Regardless, it’s nice to see Lancia getting into the EV world with some new concepts, especially one that brings the style and performance of a sports car that could be an electric replacement for the original Lancia Beta.

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