New Or Used, a Dodge Grand Caravan can be Right for You

New Or Used, a Dodge Grand Caravan can be Right for You

If you’re lucky, you could find a remaining model of the 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan waiting for you at your local dealership.

This Dodge van has been prowling the roads since the 1980s, but the 2020 model was the final year of this vehicle. Even so, it’s a van that you certainly should consider driving when you need a van that has lots of room for your kid and your stuff to go with you wherever you want to go. This van has been trusted by many families, and yours can be one that falls in love with it too.

You’ll be Glad to See Several Versions

When you shop for the Grand Caravan, you’ll notice that several different trims were offered to give various levels of equipment for your drive. The base trim is the SE model, then you see the SE Plus in the middle, with the SXT at the top. You’ll likely find several models of each trim for sale in your area, making it easy to find the trim with the equipment you want at a price that makes this van one of the most affordable models you’ll drive.

The Stow ‘n Go Seating Champion

As the original model that offers seats that fold into the floor, the Dodge Grand Caravan is one of the most versatile vehicles you’ll find. Do you need to bring home a load of materials for a weekend project? Forget renting a truck; your Grand Caravan can do the job. You don’t have to pull the seats out, just fold them down into the floor and enjoy a flat-floor area where you can load up all of the stuff you need to bring home with you. This van makes life much easier for you in many ways.

Enjoy the Handling of this Dodge Minivan

The last model of the Grand Caravan has front struts and a torsion-beam suspension in the rear to give you the cushion you want when you’re behind the wheel. This vehicle gives you a smooth and comfortable drive that handles well through the corners and gives you the feeling you’re looking for. Don’t expect to find an agile sports car in a minivan, but you can feel confident that you’ll drive nicely, and everyone inside will feel comfortable when you’re taking this van to the next destination.

Tons of Storage from Dodge

The rear cargo area gives you lots of space for your groceries, the sports gear your kidswear, or anything else you might need to bring with you. The area where the middle seats fold can be used for storage when the seats are up, and you’ll find a few other compartments for small items around the cabin. It’s easy to carry along nearly everything that you want to take with you when you’ve got the storage places and variety of sizes offered in the Dodge Grand Caravan.

Everyone is Entertained

Well, let’s keep the driver focused on the road, but everyone else can be entertained while riding along in this Dodge van. Long road trips can be a breeze with a van that’s equipped with a rear-seat DVD entertainment system. Bring along a selection of movies that the kids will be able to watch and listen to with their wireless headphones. In the front, the driver and passenger can enjoy the music of their favorite playlist by connecting to the infotainment system that is one of the best in the industry. You’ll love the way the entire family can be occupied while you drive them to the next destination for a weekend of fun.

Turn the Rear into an Entertainment Area

If you find one of the few drive-in movie theaters, or you want to enjoy tailgating out of the back of the Dodge Grand Caravan, there’s a special feature to help you enjoy your experience. The rear seats can be flipped around with the tailgate up to give you three seats that can be used as part of the tailgate party. This makes it easy for you to give everyone a place to sit and enjoy some food right before the big game.

Find a Model With the Larger Screen

The standard infotainment screen of the Grand Caravan is 6.5 inches, but you can find some models that have the 8.4-inch screen for your entertainment needs. This means you’ll have an easier time using the system, interacting with the features, and creating an entertaining environment where you can experience the drive you want. Not only will you want the larger screen, but you’ll also want to subscribe to SiriusXM satellite radio to have the sounds you want coming at you no matter where you drive. Turn your minivan into a party bus with the infotainment system offered.

The Engine You Need

Every model of the Dodge Grand Caravan uses the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine that offers the power needed to handle a great drive. You’ll have 283 horsepower at your fingertips to give you the power needed to take your family wherever you need to go, whether this van is loaded down or just filled with people. You can tow up to3,600 pounds with the right equipment, which could make your tailgate experience even better. Imagine pulling a trailer behind this van to the party you’re going to enjoy before the big event of the weekend.

This is a Comfortable Minivan

Legroom is plentiful in all three rows of the Grand Caravan, making it one of the most comfortable vehicles you can drive and enjoy. Along with comfort for you and your passengers, this Dodge gives you plenty of space for your stuff. You’ll find 33 cubic feet of space behind the third row, which expands to a maximum of 143.8 cubic feet when you fold the rear two rows down into the floor of the van. Find the new or used version of the Dodge Grand Caravan that will be right for you to have the drive and features you’re looking for. This van is ready to work great for your family every day.

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