Toyota Sequoia Platinum – The SUV Your Family Loves to Drive

Toyota Sequoia Platinum – The SUV Your Family Loves to Drive

Select the Toyota Sequoia Platinum and you’ll have the SUV that gives your family everything they need for every drive.

Sometimes, the vehicle you choose for your journey is as important as the destination. This SUV gives you three rows of comfortable seats, a smooth chassis for a perfect ride, and the rugged design that makes you feel this vehicle can be taken out on the trails when you want some adventurous fun.

Why Will Everyone Love the Sequoia?

If looking at this big and brawny SUV isn’t enough to convince you that it’s the right one for you, you’ll be glad to know what it brings. You’ve got tons of room for the family, a powerful V8 engine, the reliability you expect from the Toyota name, strong resale value, and the features at the Platinum trim that make this SUV feel like a luxury model.

The Suspension is Ideal for Every Drive

When you’re out on the road you’ll be more than happy to have the drive offered by the Toyota Sequoia Platinum. This SUV is smooth on the road with a suspension that soaks up the imperfections with ease. What’s amazing is that this SUV can also be great on the trails to give you the feeling you want. The Platinum trim has an air suspension that takes things to an even higher level of driving comfort.

Safety is a Priority in the Sequoia

The Toyota Safety Sense-P is part of every trim of the Sequoia. This means you’ll have the alerts and warnings needed to keep you safe and secure on the road. This package of features gives you collision warning, pedestrian detection, automatic high beams, automatic emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and adaptive cruise control. Let these items help you have the driving security you desire.

Items that are Exclusive to the Platinum Trim

Drive the Toyota Sequoia Platinum and you’ll have some items that are only part of this model.

These items include:

• Perforated leather upholstery
• Heated and ventilated front seats
• 14-speaker JBL audio system
• Adaptive variable air suspension
• Rear-seat Blu-ray disc player

With these items included, you’re going to be more comfortable and have the smooth ride that you want when you’re out on the road or when you head up on a trail.

That’s Not All…

You remember the commercials with the annoying person saying “that’s not all” after each item of the product they were showing. For this model of the Sequoia, you get a lot more from the lower trims.

Some of these items are:

• Seven-passenger seating
• Navigation system
• Power-folding third-row seat
• Power liftgate
• Integrated LED fog lights
• Apple CarPlay
• Android Auto
• Rear cross-traffic alert
• Blind-spot monitor
• Power sunroof

Experience Amazing Comfort in this Toyota SUV

Every seat inside the Toyota Sequoia Platinum is made to give comfort to the person sitting in it. This SUV has perforated leather upholstery for the smooth material desired. You’ll also find the heated and ventilated front seats to make sure you have the cooling you want on hot days and the heating you need in freezing temperatures. Get ready for luxury comfort in a Toyota.

Listen to the Music You Love

At the Platinum trim, you get to enjoy a 14-speaker JBL audio system that has the wonderful sounds you’re sure to love. No matter the type of music you prefer, it’s going to sound amazing when it comes through these speakers. Play your favorite tunes, listen to the radio talk shows you love, or laugh along with a comedian during your drive in this Toyota SUV.

The Rear Passengers can be Entertained

The rear-seat Blu-ray disc player found in the Toyota Sequoia Platinum makes it easy for your family to have the entertainment they want when on a long road trip. The kids can enjoy the movies they love and watch what they want while your focus on the drive. This system can make it easy to have a peaceful drive without people asking you “are we there yet” which can become extremely annoying.

That Suspension Though

Yes, that suspension is ideal for your drive. the adaptive variable air suspension for the Sequoia Platinum offers you the smoothest driving feeling and the quality experience when you’re out on the road. You’ll feel like you’re riding around on a cloud when you have this SUV and you take it out for a spin. Get ready for the highest-quality drive that you can experience with this version of the Sequoia.

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