Everything You Need to Know About Nissan’s New Ariya EV

The Rumor is Finally Here

There have been rumblings of a new Nissan electric vehicle for a few years now; talk of one that can offer an astonishing range upwards of three-hundred miles on a single charge.

Well, after all that, it’s here. The new Nissan Ariya is set to roll off of assembly lines and into showrooms nationwide with a host of fantastic options, flourishes, and flairs (not the least of which is that amazing range).

The Ariya joins Nissan’s Leaf in their fleet of electric vehicles and if its forbearer is any indicator, this will be one beloved vehicle, especially considering it is one of the few electric crossovers available anywhere.

So What’s New?

Well, considering the Ariya is a brand-new vehicle, everything about it is new, so to speak.

But one of the coolest features is no doubt the all-wheel-drive option that is available via an innovative dual-front/rear-electric motor configuration.

And those early reports of that three-hundred-mile range are astonishing, considering other similarly sized EVs are only getting around 230-miles per charge.

The Ariya is also capable of home charging via a 110- or 240-volt outlet, making charging up easier than ever before.

And, unlike in so many EVs, power will never be an issue, as the Ariya will put down upwards of 389-horsepower.

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Stunning Outside and In

The Ariya is beautifully designed, both outside and in.

Of course, the first thing you notice is the exterior, whose lines and stance are just forward-thinking enough but not quite as concept-car-y as some EVs of late have become.

Meaning the Ariya looks like a classic, though thoroughly modern, SUV.

Inside is where the Ariya really shines, however.

Unlike the exterior, which harkens to contemporary SUVs just enough, the cabin of an Ariya has all eyes to the future.

Featuring zero-gravity seats and a fully flat floor to aid in the increasing leg- and headroom, this is one of the roomiest and most comfortable Nissan vehicles ever crafted.

Nissan also did away with most of the buttons and knobs you could think of in a car in favor of an ultra-smooth, super-futuristic interior that relies on touchpads and screens for interfacing with the vehicle.

Chock Full of Tech

Interfacing with the Ariya is easier than ever thanks to dual 12.3-inch digital displays that serve as both the gauge cluster and the infotainment center, where the driver can activate the standard Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, and onboard navigation features.

The Ariya also features Nissan’s innovative ProPilot 2.0, which is a semi-autonomous driver assistance program that allows drivers to remove their hands from the wheel in certain driving scenarios.

It also boasts a bevy of standard safety features such as automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control, even in the semi-autonomous driving mode, all in an effort to keep you and your passengers in the safest of hands.

Needless to say, once the Ariya hits showroom floors, it’ll be a vehicle quite unlike any other. And one you’ll have to see for yourself to believe.

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