The Fun of the BMW X4 M You'll Admire

The Fun of the BMW X4 M You’ll Admire

If you’re looking for a vehicle that can be fun on any surface, the BMW X4 M is the one you want so that you can have a great drive.

You can’t build an SUV that’s great on the track they said. There’s too much body roll in an SUV to be good around the corners they said. BMW didn’t care what the proverbial “they” had to say and took the already dynamic X4 and raised the bar to a higherlevel with the X4 M. This is an SUV only in name and ride height but it is an SUV and it’s excellent on the track but even better on the road.

Great Power for Your Drive in the BMW X4 M

BMW has found a way to squeeze more power from engines and transfer it to the wheels than nearly every other automaker in the world. The BMW X4 M is proof that a sporty SUV can be powerful and fun wherever you want to go. This vehicle makes use of a 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine that makes 503 horsepower and 440 lb.-ft. of torque. Paired to an excellent eight-speed automatic transmission, this impressive vehicle can reach sixty mph in less than 4.1 seconds.

A Smart AWD System from BMW

The BMW X4 M offers you the driving experience you expect when you’re in a sports car. We expect to have a sports car set up with RWD and this SUV does have that for your drive. You can take off on the line and have all of the power sent to the rear wheels, but when power is needed up front, the AWD system kicks in to give the front wheels the amount of power needed. This system makes the BMW X4 M an easy choice to drive on the track, enjoy on the road, and take out on the lighter trails in your area.

The BMW X4 M is Still an SUV

While the BMW X4 M is fun and active on the track, it’s a vehicle that will make you feel the body movement when you try to carve up a corner too fast. You won’t feel this body movement on the road, but when you’re at the track, you will notice this is certainyan SUV. Even so, the power and the athleticism will amaze you and allow you to have the driving fun you’re looking for no matter the surface or the location you choose.

Welcome the Movement

Even though you’re not likely to take the BMW X4 M out on the track and push it to the tipping point, the movement of the body is a welcome aspect of this SUV when you’re on the road. This shifting movement is meant to help you experience a comfortable ride that soaks up the road abrasions and issues you’ll find when you drive. Feel the stability that’s balanced with the ride quality when you take your kids out because they are having a hard time falling asleep at night.

The Engine Makes a Difference in the BMW X4 M

When you drive the BMW X4 M, you’re going to have a powerful engine under the hood that’s lighter than any other that’s similar to it. In fact, this is the inline-six that makes more power than any other in the BMW fleet and it comes in at 24.5 pounds lighter than the M4 engine. This is the result of a stiffer forged crank, a lighter block, and a head that’s formed around a 3D printed mold. This advanced engine is the one you want when you take this impressive SUV out for a sold ride wherever you want to go.

A Fantastic M Version for You

If you want to have a vehicle that offers you an exciting experience behind the wheel and the ability to handle your expectations on any surface, the BMW X4 M is the right choice. This SUV has a powerful engine, it makes a difference on the track, and it’s comfortable when you want to carry passengers. Take this SUV to the camping spot and enjoy the weekend, and let it be the SUV that you trust for your relaxing time together. It can also be thevehicle that will make your heart pump fast when you rip off a fast lap at the track.

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