Kia is Teasing Our Soul in a New Way

Kia is Teasing Our Soul in a New Way

The expectation of a new Kia Soul being offered is a reality. This new version of the hamster-mobile is on the horizon.

We have seen spy shots of the Soul in its testing camouflage in the past, but now we see this car in a teaser photo without the camouflage on the outside to cover up what this car will be. The teasing part of this was that the Kia team took the spy shots down so that we can see what this new model might be.

A Design You Expect in the Soul

For years, the Kia Soul has been a boxy hatchback that makes it easy for us to see what we want when it’s time for a drive. The teaser photo offers us a look at the rear pillar from the side. This view of the new Soul offers us a reminder of this boxy design with upswept rear windows, a thick rear pillar, a floating roof appearance, a matte-black plastic piece with the Soul logo stamped into it, and a taillight with an overlay design that similar to the current model.

We Need More

Even though this is the teaser view of the new Kia Soul, we certainly are clamoring for more. The Kia Soul represents a specific type of vehicle that we’ve loved for years and want to continue to enjoy driving on the road. This brings us back to talking about the spy shots that were taken in the past and offered with a look to give us the view we want to enjoy when it’s time to get out on the road and take a drive.

The Spy Shots told us more about the Soul

The spy shots we saw in the past allows us to see that the new Kia Soul might adopt a new interesting design for us to experience. The headlights looked slim, with a full-length portion on top that makes it look more like running lights. Below the lights are large light pods that might be the actual headlights of the vehicle that will be used. Of course, we don’t know much for certain and will have to wait until the upcoming LA Auto Show to know exactly what this new hatchback will offer.

Confirmed Continuation from Kia

Kia has confirmed for us that the new model of the Soul will be offered along with the current model to continue the features and benefits that we’ve enjoyed in this current generation model. This means we can still have the trims and models that we want to experience on the road of the Kia Soul so that we can have the drive that we’ve admired for a while. Once we see what the new car will give us, we can decide if the ride in the new Kia Soul or the older one is the right model to drive.

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