The SUVs that Will Keep Your Family Safe

The SUVs that Will Keep Your Family Safe

With two different organizations testing every vehicle on the market to figure out which ones are the safest compared to the rest, it can be difficult to know which vehicle you should choose. If you’re looking for safe SUVs that you want to drive, you’ll want to take a look at the models on this list. Every vehicle on this list has received the highest ratings from both the NHTSA and the IIHS to give you the features and qualities you can feel confident in so that you can enjoy having a safe vehicle to drive.

Here are the Safest SUVs on the Market

Acura RDX

As one of the SUV that competes in the luxury market while giving you an affordable base price, the RDX is an SUV that can give you the features, comfort, and safety you’re looking for. There are plenty of new and active items that will let you enjoy the ride and know that this vehicle is going to alert you when a warning is triggered during your drive.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai has reorganized the lineup of SUVs that we see on the market and the Santa Fe is now the name of the two-row five-seat model that can become the right one for you to drive. This SUV now offers you impressive LED headlights and some impressive features that are part of the top trims which are the Limited and Ultimate trims for your drive. Take a ride out on the roads and see if the Santa Fe, whether new or used, is the right one for you to enjoy.

Kia Sorento

Yes, a name you’ve known and admired for a long time makes the list and it gives you the safety and the Kia qualities that you’re sure to enjoy. Look at the large cabin, the impressive comfort, and the quality drive offered in the Sorento and then feel secure because of the safety features that are offered to help keep you protected and safe when you take this SUV out for a drive.

Mazda CX-5

The Mazda CX-5 isn’t just a safe SUV that reaches the top marks, it’s also earned a spot as one of the ten best from Car and Driver. This SUV offers you some of the most impressive comfort features and the new safety systems that have been added will make it the right choice when you get ready to take a ride. Check out the fun and engaging driving manners in this car when you get behind the wheel.

Mercedes- Benz GLC –Class

This compact SUV is a gorgeous luxury model that comes from a name that you know and trust for the top-level features and qualities that you’ll want when you choose a model from this brand. There’s a V8 engine that you can choose when you want more power and you can enjoy a variety of excellent features that can be right for you to have what you want when you get behind the wheel and enjoy what’s offered.

Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class

You might remember this SUV more as the ML which was replaced by the GLE only a few years ago. There are some incredible option packages that you can choose to increase the comfort and power you want when you head out on the road for a drive. Feel the comfort, enjoy the smooth feeling of this SUV, and take this amazing model out for a drive on the roads to become the one that you’ll be ready to experience for your daily safety and diving pleasure.

Subaru Ascent

Here’s an SUV that can be had at some of the higher trims to give you more of the features you want. Choose the Limited or Touring models and have the benefits of a more comprehensive array of active safety features and electronics for your driving experience on the road. There are three rows of seats for you to make this SUV the right one for your family to have the drive they will all admire on a daily basis.

Subaru Crosstrek

If you’re looking for Subaru SUVs that are much smaller than the Ascent, this will be the right one for you to have the drive that makes the most sense for you. The Crosstrek offers you the benefits of EyeSight and a comfortable and luxurious Limited trim that will ensure you have the comfort you’re after. Check out the Crosstrek and see if it will be the right model for you to drive every day.


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