Is Hydrogen High-Performance in the Hyundai Plan

Is Hydrogen High-Performance in the Hyundai Plan

Two automakers have seriously made use of hydrogen fuel cell technology to offer vehicles that can dispel only water vapor as emissions. Hyundai is one of those contenders.


These two automakers are Toyota and Hyundai and both have proved that hydrogen-powered vehicles can be an excellent choice when looking for an alternative fuel that burns clean and makes driving easier. The time to refuel a hydrogen vehicle is similar to gasoline models, but the lack of hydrogen fueling stations has stalled the growth of this fuel, but that might change with inspiration from the race track.

Hyundai Looking to Show Off Performance with Hydrogen

While we don’t have information that confirms a high-performance hydrogen vehicle from Hyundai, this was the hint that was received from Albert Biermann, head of the N division at Hyundai. The N division is the performance division and Biermann has been personally responsible for the development and growth of this sub-brand for the Hyundai and the added performance offered in these vehicles. Recently, the hint that Biermann offered gave us the thought that a new hydrogen car would be ready to drive as part of the N division lineup of vehicles.

Will it be the Next Step for Hydrogen & Hyundai?

As the company with the most advanced technology in regards to hydrogen-electric vehicles, Hyundai has promised a new surprise at the Detroit Motor Show. The question that we ask is whether or not this surprise will be the next step for the performance application of what we saw in 2015. That was the year the N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo was introduced to the market to give us a car that could drive in the Le Mans race while being powered by hydrogen to give the car the performance desired on the track.

Although a new version of the 2025 Vision GT could be a lot of fun and the most exciting choice from Hyundai in a long time, this new hydrogen offering could be one that comes as part of one of the preexisting Hyundai models such as the new Nexo. It’s possible this new N model might be a completely new vehicle and one that will give us a look at what the future of Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be. While there is a limited market for hydrogen right now, the future could be a world in which hydrogen is the fuel of choice.

More Details to Arrive

Once we see what this new surprise is from the Hyundai N brand we will give you the information regarding this new car. Until then, we will have to wait and wonder what Hyundai has in mind and if it will be a new version of the N 2025 Vision GT or it will be a hydrogen-powered hot hatch that comes in the form of one of the models that we already know and love. Stay tuned to see what this new vehicle happens to be when it shows up in Detroit to heat up this cold northern city. See it on the track in the future and visit your Hyundai dealer to see the best lineup of vehicles on the market.

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