Desert Racing from Chevrolet

Desert Racing from Chevrolet

It’s no secret that the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 is one of the most impressive performance trucks offered on the market today. This truck comes completely equipped with the off-road credentials and equipment needed to head out on the trails with confidence. This is a truck that can do it all and handle the fun in the wilderness, but if you want to be able to take this truck out for some desert racing you can do just that with this truck. The team at Chevy Performance and Hall Racing have brought this truck to the level you want for some Baja racing glory.

What Makes a Baja Racer out of the Colorado ZR2?

The idea from the team of Chevy Performance and Hall Racing was to take the Colorado ZR2 and turn it into a truck that could compete as a pre-runner for scouting out the Baja 1000. This truck needed to be beefed up and improved to do this. With fifteen new components on the truck the team was able to make this truck do exactly what they wanted. Thankfully, these parts are offered to give you the ability to do the same thing and improve the truck to be more fun on the desert run you want to enjoy.

The teams added better Multimatic DSSV shocks which offer greater suspension travel with an increase of fifteen percent in the front and ten percent in the rear. The front shock rod is now 18 mm in diameter in the front and 16 mm in the rear to accommodate higher side loads. The spool valve tuning has been adjusted and the shock body is threaded to allow for ride height adjustments, making it easier for you to have the truck set the way you need to for your own desert run.

Getting More in the Colorado ZR2

In order to install these shocks, you have to also install the high angle upper control arm ball joint system. This allows for more front suspension travel and better articulation. Other items you should install on the truck include ball spline half shafts, front and rear jounce shocks to offer better motion control, long-travel leaf springs to increase the suspension travel by eleven inches, a 1.5-inch lift kit, and a few other items that can help improve the performance of this truck when its used out on the desert sand.

Start Building Your Baja Racer Today

If you’re ready to have a truck that can offer you the ability to handle the fun of driving faster in the desert and take on the challenges of the sand and dunes, you need to start with a Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 and then add the items that are recommended to give you the suspension and drive you need. Let the example of this team give you the blueprint for having what you want when you get ready to drive and have some fun on the trails. If you want to make sure your warranty is protected, check out the Chevy Performance site and have your dealer install the right items for you.

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