Aston Martin Rapide

Are we Witnessing Another Tesla Killer

The entire automotive industry seems to have it out for Elon Musk and his team at Tesla Motors.  Whether it’s because they blatantly ignored tradition in every way or because they showed up the rest of the world with their luxury performance cars that are powered only by the batter cells in the floorboard is hard to say, but the fact is many automakers have bulls-eyes on Tesla and are more than happy to produce what we would call a Tesla killer, especially if it offers a longer range than the Tesla models.  With word of what Aston Martin is working on I wonder if they have the next Tesla killer coming.

What appears to be happening in the Aston Martin workplace is the design of a fully electric Rapide model that is expected to make its debut by the end of 2017.  So far there has been no announcement as to whether or not the range will beat out a Tesla and quite honestly there might not be one.  The CEO of Aston Martin, Andy Palmer has stated that his company is a V12 engine company which means they look to continue to build powerful cars that will amaze us.

This new Rapide is expected to offer between 800 and 1,000 horsepower which is instantaneous because of the electric powertrain.  It is Palmer’s belief that the entire industry will eventually be shifting toward electric powered vehicles as they continue to have more range and better builds.  This of course includes Aston Martin which as a V12 company will be quite a change and a challenge to continually produce vehicles that offer massive power and the elegance needed to carry this classy and classic name forward with pure sport and dynamic driving for all of us to enjoy.

When asked if they were working on building a Tesla killer, Palmer, who is the one that refuses to build and SUV because the size and shape does not offer the ability to create a vehicle with Aston Martin elegance, denied any goal toward taking market from Tesla.  His belief is the Tesla models will eventually have to be more affordable and offer vehicles that target the middle price range which will certainly leave room at the top for  Aston Martin to continue to be able to offer high end luxury vehicles, even if they are powered by electricity.

While this Rapide might not be a Tesla killer, if it should be successful, and the history of Aston Martin certainly suggests it should be, it will raise more than a few eyebrows.  Without a doubt this Rapide won’t be offered with a mileage range that is as small as some we see on the market now, if Palmer is serious, the Rapide will be one that you can driver for hours without getting tired and certainly take out to the track for a speed test when you want to.  In true Aston Martin tradition this will have to be a car that surpasses all others on the market already, including the Tesla lineup.

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