The Ford F-150 Lightning Just Got More Affordable

The Ford F-150 Lightning Just Got More Affordable

Ford’s electric truck has been around long enough for drivers on a strict budget to find a used Ford F-150 Lightning for sale easily. Now, buying new is a more affordable option.

Is It Worth Holding Out?

Not too long ago, many people questioned whether building an all-electric pickup worth its salt was possible. Ford proved that EVs can work as hard as their gas counterparts with the F-150 Lightning, but the technology is still relatively new and thus expensive.

Buying a used Ford F-150 Lightning is a more cost-efficient option. However, EV owners rightfully want the latest tech. Ford is about to give drivers the best of both worlds with a new F-150 Lightning that’s more advanced and affordable.

Ford Slashes Prices on Three of Four Trim Levels

Most of the time, vehicles get more expensive as automakers make changes and add features. The Ford F-150 Lightning is an exception. America’s favorite automaker is offering the best of both worlds, making mid-cycle updates and slashing prices simultaneously.

The entry-level XLT trim will receive a $2,000 price drop, which already represents a substantial cost reduction. Buyers of a new 2024 F-150 Lightning XLT will pay just over $65k compared to $67,090 for the older entry-level model.

The mid-level trim packages get even deeper price cuts. The Flash, which sits just above the XLT, will be $5,500 cheaper. That’s still more than a used Ford F-150 Lightning Flash, but not by much.

The more expensive Lariat receives a $2,500 price drop after the update, bringing its price below $80k. The Platinum remains the same at $87,090.

What to Expect From the New 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning

Drivers who opt for a new truck instead of a used Ford F-150 Lightning will get a vapor injection pump system to optimize energy consumption, saving both money and charging time.

All trim levels now come standard with Ford’s Smart Hitch and On-Board Scales, previously available only with the Tow Technology package. Drivers can still get an optional Max Trailer Tow package that further improves the towing experience.
Other fun updates include access to the Pro Power OnBoard system with a new Walk Away lock function, Ford BlueCruise accessibility, and an exclusive Black Package for the Premium trim.

When to Buy a Used Ford F-150 Instead

Some drivers will still prefer to buy a used Ford F-150 Lightning. Used models are typically more affordable, thanks to depreciation and Ford’s decision to release the new 2024 F-150 Lightning at a lower price point.

Drivers who want all the latest technology, improved energy consumption, and that new car smell will find it worth spending an extra few thousand dollars on a new model. They’ll just have to be prepared to wait three to four weeks for it after placing an order at the local dealer.

Not sure which is the better option? Head to a Ford dealership to speak with a knowledgeable expert and see what new and used Ford F-150 Lightning models have to offer.


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