Lexus Reveals New EV Concept, Gears Up for 2026 Production Lineup

Lexus Reveals New EV Concept, Gears Up for 2026 Production Lineup

A new Lexus EV will be on display at the Japan Mobility Show, but we don’t know much about it. Could it be a precursor for the 2026 production lineup?

Lexus is going in both directions with new models. Although most Toyota and Lexus models have moved away from a V8 engine, Lexus has plans for a V8-powered street-legal sports car that could arrive in 2026. Simultaneously, this Japanese luxury brand intends to bring more electric models to the market. This pure dichotomy of builds is interesting and unique at a time when every automaker is working to squeeze every model out of singular, global platforms.

What do we know of the new Lexus electric concept?

This new electric Lexus concept car appears to be a sports car or GT model, providing a fun and exciting style that could be great out on the track. This new car has been seen in teaser images that show a low, wide face with large intakes. The sides are sleek and uninterrupted, using cameras as the side view mirrors, which is certainly one of the next steps in vehicle development. Could this new concept electric sports car head to production? Maybe, but not likely in the concept form.

Toyota has plans for several EVs

Toyota showed up last year and the year before with several new EV concept models that are finally beginning to come to reality. This means it’s time for the Toyota lineup to change with new electrified models. Thus far, the brand has been adding hybrid powertrains to nearly every new vehicle that comes off the assembly lines. This movement forward leaves us wondering where the new Lexus electric sports car will fit in, but it could serve as a testbed for future Lexus and Toyota EV models.

As Lexus boss Takashi Watanabe told Automotive News, “In 2026, we will introduce the next-generation battery EV that re-innovates the vehicle modular structure, significantly alters our production methods, and completely re-imagines the software platform.”

This quote simply means Toyota and Lexus expect to be leading brands in the electric vehicle market. Considering some of the new developments under the Toyota umbrella, we expect that too.

Next-gen batteries before solid-state units

The next-gen battery packs Toyota intends to deliver should offer up to 500 miles of driving on a single charge. These batteries should be ready for the 2026 model lineup, which could be when we see the new Lexus EV concept become a production model or some of its elements offered in various Lexus EVs. Current Toyota plans also map out a path to solid-state batteries, which should arrive by 2028 to deliver at least 620 miles of driving range. These new solid-state batteries are expected to offer recharging capabilities to charge from 10 to 80 percent in about 10 minutes.

A new production process from Toyota

The production changes being made at Toyota and Lexus plants will involve a new modular architecture using three large castings. The front casting has the front motor, steer-by-wire assembly, and the front suspension; the middle second houses the battery pack under the cabin; the rear second has the second motor for AWD models and the rear suspension. This change could dramatically improve the production process, lower vehicle weight, and improve structural integrity. Toyota says that changing to casting molds allows the molds to be reconfigured in as little as 20 minutes, a process that has taken as much as 24 hours.

Digitizing the platforms is another important step

Lexus intends to be unique with more than styling but with the software and digitized platforms offered. The new Lexus EV concept could help the brand present a unique look and build for the future. Eventually, the Lexus lineup will be comprised entirely of electric vehicles. The target for this change is 2035, with one million annual sales targeted for 2030. Lexus has a lot of work to do to get to this point. Currently, there are only two Lexus EVs in the market: the European UX300e and RZ 450e.

A new Lexus EV concept will cross the stage at the Japan Mobility Show, giving us a glimpse at the future of Lexus and its goal of a fully electrified lineup. Will this new Lexus sports car concept serve as a foundation for future Lexus EVs, or could it actually become a production model that gives us a future electric sports car?

The Toyota and Lexus EV plan is coming together, with 2026 as the target year for several new EVs wearing their badges.

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